November 4th:
Thursday All-Day Intensives

9 a.m.-5 p.m.
Ron Legrand, Jacksonville, FL

The Fast Track to Wealth with Ron Legrand

Ron LeGrand has almost certainly made more real estate millionaires in the U.S. than any other single human being.

Now you have a unique opportunity to spend an entire day soaking up knowledge from “The Godfather of Real Estate”, where you’ll discover:

  • Multiple quick cash strategies that can put $10,000 or more in your pocket in the next 30 days, including some that let you literally pay FULL PRICE (if the terms are right…)
  • The fine (and crucial) art of pre-screening prospects, so that you only have to deal with people who really want to deal with you
  • How to find the best deals when the competition is fierce
  • The RIGHT steps to building a real real estate business; skip any, and it’ll crush you
  • How to overcome a ‘personal financial crisis’—this is frank talk about what to do if you’re overleveraged, in too much debt, and feeling like all the joy has been sucked out of your life because you’re so worried about money
  • Where to get the money to fund your deals, without coming out of pocket one dime, and even if your credit sorta sucks…and so, so much more…

Ron is famous for his vast experience (he’s bought over 3,000 single family homes and still buys a couple a month, pretty much on autopilot), his no-B.S. teaching style (if you’re looking to be coddled, this isn’t the workshop for you), and his ability to get brand-new investors making money fast.