2022 Speakers

November 3rd:
Thursday All-Day Intensives

9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Kathy Kennebrook, Bradenton, FL 

How to Blow Up Your Pipeline with Seller Leads and Automate Your Marketing
Plus, How to Make Money with (Low Competition, High-profit) Land Deals

For now, the market remains super-tight, and 99% of the great deals out there are off-market. So, what’s an investor to do?

Well, maybe a two-pronged approach is in order:

  1. Get serious about your seller marketing, and start doing what’s proven to work, instead of whatever you’ve been doing
  2. Go after a profitable asset class that hardly anyone does, where you can make a ton of deals with little to no competition

No one alive can bring these two strategies together like Kathy Kennebrook, who’s used her more-or-less hands-off marketing system to generate 7 figures a year in cash from flips, equity and cash flow from rentals, flip deals, land investments, and more.

        In the morning, she’ll share:

  • The 12 types of motivated sellers you should DEFINITELY be marketing to
  • How to reach out to them, and what to say, to get your phone ringing off the hook
  • A funny little trick that gets sellers to pre-screen THEMSELVES for motivation
  • How to automate your marketing system (because, c’mon, if you don’t, you’re not going to stick with it—and consistency is key!

And in the afternoon, you’ll discover:

  • Why vacant land is the asset class with the MOST motivated sellers, MOST chances to buy for pennies on the dollar, and MOST chances to get owner financing
  • Who your best buyers are if you want to flip land for quick cash profits
  • How to hold land for income from a huge variety of sources
  • Why land is often the ideal investment for retirement accounts, and for investors with limited cash

Kathy is a former banker who turned in her corporate badge for a 7-figure a year flipping, rental, and land investing business 2 decades ago.

Robyn Thompson, Ocala, FL 

Turn Foreclosures, Estate Properties, and Unwanted Houses into Quick Cash
And Why Vacation Rentals are the Key to Your Long-Term Wealth

The “Queen of Rehab” is back, and she’s got new strategies to share with anyone who wants BOTH big chunks of cash for now, and lots of cash flow to live on later.

Best known for training most of the successful retailers you know, Robyn is now also building a short-term rental empire that’s on track to create a spectacular retirement income in the 6-figure a month range.

Because this combination of a cash strategy and an income strategy is the secret to your long-term success, we’ve asked her to reveal BOTH at the Summit this year.

In the morning, Robyn will reveal:

  • How to create a house buying machine in this low-inventory, high-competition market
  • The 9 types of houses you should never, ever buy if you want to fix and flip them fast
  • How to find and hire the best contractors to get the job done (right and fast and on budget)
  • The whole rehab process—you’ll need to understand this before you EVER buy a property
  • The 8 contractors on your “dream team” (and how to prescreen and manage them)
  • The magical “buying formula” that ensures your profits (if you’ll bother to learn and follow it)
  • 21 critical “WOW!” factors that get your house sold fast
  • 8 marketing strategies that attract “A-credit” buyers to your deals
  • How to prescreen buyers in 4 minutes to make sure they’re qualified and won’t tie up your big check for months on end
  • What to do to continue your big checks when the market softens

And in the afternoon, you’ll find out:

  • Why vacation rentals are the highest-income, easiest-to-pay-off-fast, lowest-hassle investment you can make
  • The best places to buy them, the best kinds of properties to buy
  • How to manage them yourself, in a few hours a week, and not pay big management fees
  • How to find the very most important people on your short-term rental team: you literally can’t run your business without them
  • The marketing strategies that will make sure that your vacation rental is booked to the max—even in areas with a lot of competition
  • How to find a great cleaning team so you won’t have to do touch the properties
  • And much more!

Robyn Thompson transitioned from miserable accountant (and a 2nd job as a waitress) to full-time real estate investor with a single fix-and-flip deal. Since then, she’s done hundreds of rehabs from cheap properties to million-dollar mansions, and now owns 12 short-term rentals in 2 states (with another 50 on the way)

Friday & Saturday 8:30am - 5:00pm Presentations

More Details Later and More Speakers and Topics to Come–20 in all, packed into these 2 days–but Here’s Who’s Confirmed Now:

Donna Bauer

Why You Should Stop Buying Properties and Start Buying Notes

When recessions come, something else does too—more motivated sellers of performing and defaulted notes and mortgages.

Donna Bauer thinks you should be way more excited about THAT than about real estate deals; after all, notes and mortgages can be bought without using your own money AND kept for income or flipped for cash, just like properties…

But they also come without tenants, toilets, rehabs, and are easily done nationwide from the comfort of your own couch.

To say that she’s excited about the opportunities coming in the market for you is an understatement, and you should come hear why, even if you’ve never thought of yourself as a ‘note person’. She’s out to prove:

  • Why bargains in the note market are about to get a LOT more common, and how you can help note sellers (and borrowers) out of tough situations while making a boatload of money
  • How YOU can use other people’s money to buy tons of notes, even if you’re just getting started
  • Why notes and mortgages are easier, and less competitive, investments than rentals or real estate flips

John Bowens

3 Practical Ways to Grow Your Small IRA or HSA

        We all know that we need to grow our retirement (and other tax-free or tax-deferred) plans more, and we all know that we can use real estate to do that.

        But many of us run up against this problem: with

  • Real Estate Joint Venture Case Studies – learn how Equity Trust clients are partnering with other investors to kick-start their IRA/Roth IRA/HSA. (All attendees will receive a free Master Transactor Handbook – $249 value)
  • Using an IRA/HSA/401(k) as a down payment with a non-recourse loan – how to leverage in an IRA/HSA/401(k)
    • Qualification for a Solo 401(k) – understanding the facts vs. misleading internet hype
  • Private Money Lending
    • Tax-free compounding interest in the absence of taxation
    • Partnering multiple sources of capital for private money lending

        IRA Lending Trust for multiple-family member IRA loans. Ex. ETC client combined 10 IRA/accounts for one private loan transaction

John Bowens Lunch and Learn

Roths, Traditionals, 401Ks…which Tax-Advantaged Retirement Plan is Right for YOU?

Why Your Financial Advisor Or CPA Might Persuade Against Self-Directing Your Retirement

  • Easy to understand and follow rules to safeguard from prohibited transactions
  • Understanding depreciation on rental properties in an IRA
  • Understanding how rental properties can make sense in an IRA/Roth IRA
  • Q&A

Darrin Carey, Dayton Capital Partners

How to Get Loans to Buy AND FIX Properties

Like everything else, the hard money lending business has changed a LOT in recent months—and it’s likely to get more challenging to get loans to buy and fix properties and the market continues to teeter between hot and soft.

Darrin Carey, a hard money/private lender (AND, on occasion, borrower) will lay out the things you need to do to have the best chance of getting those hard money and private loans you want for the purchase and repair of properties, even as lenders pull back from that market.

Darrin Carey, Dayton, OH.—Lunch and Learn

How to Get Truly Passive Income in Performing Notes

Looking for a great return without tenants or contractors? Would you like to generate some “mailbox money” for yourself or your IRA?

Darrin Carey originates, invests in, and sells short-term performing notes, and will share:

  • What to look for in a borrower—and the legal and practical reasons why owner-occupants might be your WORST borrowers
  • How to put smaller amounts of money to work in notes
  • Why good documentation is KEY
  • What happens when “good” notes go “bad”

Darrin might even have some notes for sale, so if you’re looking to buy, come see him!

Dave Corsi

Equity Sharing Agreements: the Wealth-Building Secret that Time Forgot

Last time interest rates doubled in less than a year (that was 1979 for you youngsters), a new niche emerged for investors looking to build wealth AND help homeowners and fellow investors buy houses.

Equity sharing agreements, as they’re called, help one party (maybe you?) buy a property they couldn’t otherwise afford, and the other party (maybe you?) earn a high return on cash that’s invested in real estate.

It’s high time we ‘re-learned’ this win-win strategy, since it’s cutting edge once again. Luckily, Dave Corsi never STOPPED doing them, so he’s got the experience and passion to help you understand:

  • What an equity sharing agreement IS—it’s not a loan, it’s not short-term investment, and it gives ownership benefits to BOTH parties
  • Why lots of home buyers and investors are going to want them in this higher interest rate, higher inflation market, and how to identify the right deals and co-investors to work with
  • How they help you when you’re the BUYER of a rental, but short on cash or credit, and how they help you make long-term cash investments in properties you don’t have to find, rehab, or manage

Bill Cook and Vena Jones-Cox

How to Buy Your Next Rental without Cash or Credit (Part 1)

We surveyed attendees, and (to our surprise) the single most requested topic for this year’s Summit was this one.

Since a softening market and higher interest rates always equal more opportunities to grab some great rental properties using low or no cash, no qualifying strategies, we grabbed our 2 favorite “Creative Deal Structuring” experts to explain:

  • How (and why) to get cash flowing rentals using other people’s money—owner financing, partners, and private lenders
  • Why you can ALWAYS offer more than your competitors can when you understand the power of these structures
  • The 7 ways to buy without cash or credit—and how to know which one to choose for any given deal

Your Fellow Summit Attendees

How to Buy Your Next Rental Without Cash or Credit (Part 2—Real Deals from Real Attendees)

Let’s take your creative deal making education and inspiration to the next level, by examining exactly how investors just like you found, evaluated, got the money for, and are now getting income from a cashflow property that they bought (and, in many cases, rehabbed) without using their own cash or credit.

You’ll get the chance to see, in detail, how each of these attendees did their deals, ask your questions, and leave knowing that if they did it, you can, too.

Alan Cowgill

How to Get Private Money

Everyone seems to want private money these days—and no wonder. It’s faster and less hassle than other funding sources, AND private lenders will often do deals that banks and hard money lenders just won’t, AND it’s a great way to “spread the wealth” by letting people you know get a good return on deals YOU do.

Alan Cowgill built his entire real estate flipping and rental business on finding, educating, and working with private lenders, and has been teaching other real estate entrepreneurs to do the same thing for 2 decades. He’s here to show you:

  • What a private lender REALLY is, how you might go about finding your first one, and how he ultimately raised more private money than he could spend
  • Why private lenders aren’t just great for rehabs, but also for wholesale deals, subject to deals, short sales, and more
  • His favorite way of finding and converting private lenders

Brian Fine, Coast 2 Coast Turnkey  Lunch and Learn

How to Get Infinite Returns On Properties You Buy from MLS

“There are no good deals in MLS!” has been the complaint on every investor’s lips for the last half-decade.

But what if you could buy properties you like, straight from MLS, at a fair price that sellers will accept, and get infinite returns owning them as rentals?

That’s what Brian Fine does, and he’ll share his techniques with you, including:

  • How you can be the one to “write the biggest check” (and therefore get the properties you really like for your rental portfolio from sellers who aren’t even ‘motivated’)
  • How to structure these deals (hint: it requires NO ‘creative finance’ knowledge, no seller financing, no special requests of your agent…)

How Coast to Coast Turnkey can do ALL of this for you, making the whole acquisition process hands-off for you!

Mark Dolfini (The Landlord Coach®)

The VIP Approach to Managing Rentals: How to Fire Yourself from Your Landlording Job

Is owning rentals not the “passive investment” you were told it would be?

Then you might be doing it wrong. Or, to say it another way, you haven’t taken the final step in the process of taking control of your rental business and your life: gaining TRUE freedom—not just financial freedom, but freedom of time and lifestyle

If you feel like your business runs YOU more than you’d like, come hear how Mark Dolfini runs HIS (he manages 200 doors, and spends about 2 hours a week doing it, and the rest of his time enjoying family, travel, hobbies, and passions). He’ll show you:

  • Why the VIP Method (Vision-Infrastructure-Process) is the thing you’re missing, if you want to create a business that delivers your ideal life (and you can use it for ANY business, not just a rental housing business)

  • How to get the  critical functions of your business done, but only DO the things that you like, and are good at (doesn’t that just sound heavenly?)

  • How to identify and deal with, once and for all, the behavior and thought patterns that hold you back from success: procrastination, hiding, rescuing others, starting but not finishing things, or chasing rabbits, and other things that you may or may not even realize are in the way of your ideal life

Megan Harris, Empora Lunch and Learn

How to do Closings Quicker, Cheaper and with Fewer Headaches 

Learn why the old way of closing deals is going the way of the dinosaur.

Join Megan Harris, Empora CEO to learn how their system makes your life easier.

Matt Hedstrom, REIBLackbook Lunch and Learn

Bulletproof Your Rehabs

Looking for a foolproof method for getting your projects funded, fixed, and flipped on time, on budget, and for maximum profit?

Yeah, you are.

Join rehabber extraordinaire (and creator of Rehab Estimator Pro) Matt Hedstrom, and find out how to:

  • Accurately calculate rehab time and costs BEFORE you buy, without a contractor
  • Make offers with 100% confidence, and fund your projects easily, with undisputable numbers at your fingertips
  • Stay in control of your contractor relationships, so that your jobs get done on time and on budget—crucial in a softening market!

Randy Hughes (Mr. Land Trust®)

Harness the Awesome (Money-Saving, Risk-Reducing, Lawsuit-Avoiding, Deal-Making) Power of Land Trusts

Yes, land trusts are unmatched as a way to protect your privacy (more important than ever in this environment where, sadly, real estate investors are becoming a punching bag for certain “housing should be free” corners of the political spectrum).

But they do FAR more than that: they also make transferring ownership easier, cheaper (and more private) and make you a less attractive target for nuisance lawsuits.

Randy Hughes has done a near lifetime of study on these powerful agreements, and will share what he’s learned about:

  • What land trusts REALLY are (not entities!) and why that makes them more flexible and valuable than you know
  • The best way to choose your trustee, the best state in which to “domicile” your trust, what you should name your trust, and other details no one has every shared with you
  • Why every property you own now, and every one you buy in the future, NEEDS to be in a land trust, for your safety and convenience

Kevin Jenkins, Noel Selewski Insurance Lunch and Learn

Investment Property Insurance
(and What You Need to Know)

We all study asset protections strategies like our wealth depended on it (because it does), but the first line of defense against losing it all is having the right insurance. Doesn’t making sure that you understand what the “right” insurance is deserve some of your time? 

Kevin Jenkins wants to make sure you’re completely covered (and at an affordable cost), so he’ll share:

  • The insurance you need for properties under renovation
  • The insurance you need for rentals
  • The insurance you need for vacant properties

Anita Johnson

How to Hire a Virtual Assistant

Don’t talk to Anita Johnson about how hard it is to do the work of real estate investing while you have a full-time job: she’s been doing it for over a decade, with the help of virtual assistants.

Since we should ALL be following in her footsteps and getting work OFF our plates (so that we can do more important work, or get all the work done, or have more time with our families and hobbies and life), we’ve asked her to show you EXACTLY how you can hire and manage your own full or part-time VA. She’ll do that by:

  • Demonstrating, in real time, how to post a VA job description and how easy it is to find willing workers, often at shockingly low prices
  • Sharing how to “manage” VAs with systems and performance indicators
  • Inspiring you to start NOW to get the help you need to make more money, more efficiently

Vena Jones-Cox

How to Make Money Wholesaling in a Soft Market

Wholesaling is profitable in ANY market, but it works very differently in markets where buyers are more conservative and deals are more common.

Vena Jones-Cox, who’s wholesaled houses for over 25 years in flaming-hot and ice-cold markets, will explain how the business is different now, and for the foreseeable future, including:

  • Who your best buyer is in a soft market, and why the buyers you’ve been depending on will become much scarcer
  • How your evaluation of properties and your formula for making offers needs to change
  • Thing you should start doing NOW that will make your next 12 months the most profitable of your life

Brent Kesler, The Money Multiplier

How to Pay off $984,711 in Debt in 39 Months (Without Working Harder)

Most Americans deal with debt the old-fashioned way: by paying to store their paycheck at the bank, and to let that institution make money on it until bills come due.

What if you could be your OWN banker, and use that power to pay off debt at a rapid rate while being in control of your own money?

Brent Kesler, founder of The Money Multiplier, used this centuries-old concept to pay off $984,711 of third-party debt in 39 months-without having to work any harder, change his cash flow, or take any additional risks.

He’ll share this “Infinite Banking” concept with you, and explain:

  • How to recycle, recapture, and keep total control of your hard-earned dollars
  • How to avoid the fractional reserve banking system altogether
  • How to get ALL the money back for every car you will ever buy, drive, and own for you and your family, for the rest of your life. 

Brent Kesler, The Money Multiplier Lunch and Learn

The Money Multiplier

There’s been a lot of excitement among Summit attendees and their families about the “Money Multiplier” concept over the past few years. Lots of folks have told us that it was the “A-ha” moment that completely changed the way they looked at—and used—money and leverage.

So, for the benefit of those who haven’t yet explored this strategy, we’re bringing Brent back to lay out:

  • How it lets you break financial bonds you might not even know you’re shackled with
  • How to use debts and expenses you already have to create wealth, and shed the hassles created by banks
  • How to keep your money, no matter how much or little that might be, in your FAMILY, and leave a legacy for your heirs that you’ll be proud of and they’ll thrive on

Sounds like magic, right? We thought so, too, until we saw Summit attendees put it into action, and change their lives. If you want an inside glimpse into how the rich make money work for them—and a lesson on how you can do the same, even if you DON’T consider yourself rich (yet), be here!

Chris Knoppe, CBUS OZ Funds Lunch and Learn

How to Use the Power of Opportunity Zone Tax Incentives in Your Portfolio

You’ve heard of “Opportunity Zones”, and the powerful tax incentives that come with investing in them, right?

Chris Knoppe hasn’t just heard of them: he created an “Opportunity Zone Fund” almost as soon as the strategy was announced, which means he now has years of experience investing in, and helping others invest in, these areas. He’s here to share:

  • Why getting these tax benefits and returns isn’t as easy as “buy a house in an Opportunity Zone”—something that many investors have discovered only after it was too late
  • What his favorite market for good returns is, and why
  • How you can passively invest in Opportunity Zones, and know that your money isn’t just working for you: it’s creating affordable housing and improving neighborhoods in dramatic and meaningful ways

Natalie Larson, Investor Loan Source  Lunch and Learn

Huge Changes are Coming In Real Estate Lending:
What You Need to Know

   It won’t surprise you to hear that, with increasing interest rates and flattening home values, we can also expect big changes in the cost and availability of financing.

         Natalie Larson is watching these shifts from the inside of the lending business, and she’s anxious to share how you can navigate them profitably, including:

  • How to navigate the current and upcoming economic changes in investor financing
  • How “private lending” can benefit you in the new economy
  • How Investor Loan Source can help

Edwin Louis

Success Secrets for the New Investor

        Everyone has endless access to education about the how tos of different strategies…so if that were enough, every new investor would become a successful investor, right?

         And yet they don’t—only about 20% of new investors ever do ANY deals, and a much smaller number get to the real goal of financial independence. Because it’s not about the knowing: it’s about the DOING.

         Edwin Louis, who was able to build – and is still building – a successful real estate operation after only 5 years in the real estate business, remembers all the challenges and confusion of being a newbie (because that was only 5 years ago for him!) and wants you to benefit from his experience. He’ll share:

  • Why WHO you know is actually much more important than WHAT you know, and how to build relationships with the people who can give you the advice, money, and opportunities you need
  • What “newbie inertia” is, how to identify it in your life, and how to beat it so you can take the decisive actions that will actually put money in your pocket
  • How make sure you’re doing things legally and ethically (and not spinning your wheels) without spending forever—and a fortune—“getting educated”

Seth Markum, VP, National Real Estate Insurance Group Lunch and Learn

Insuring Your Investment Properties Right

If one of your rentals or short term rentals or flips were to catch fire today, are you sure that your insurance would cover the damage?

What if a tenant got carbon monoxide poisoning from a furnace you didn’t even know was malfunctioning. Would your liability policy cover the resulting lawsuit?

You already know how important insuring your investments is, but if you’re like 99% of real estate investors, you DON’T have insurance that’s specific to your business strategy, risk appetite, or even geographic location of your property.

NREIG is the nation’s largest insurance program for real estate investors, and has years of experience seeing the tragic consequences that happen when we have the WRONG insurance.

He’ll share:

  • The levels of coverage available, and how to evaluate what is right for you
  • The trip wires that may affect you in the event of a claim
  • The gaps your policies probably have, and how to fill them
  • NREIG’s property and liability program, and new programs that you can benefit from
  • How NREIG’s program can help you simplify the insurance on your property portfolio

Cade McGary, FLCRM Lunch and Learn

Manage Your Rentals Without a Property Manager, AND Without Doing it Yourself

For decades, rental housing providers have been forced to make a difficult choice: keep total control of your rentals (but do ALL the work of management and maintenance yourself), or hire a property manager to deal with all the hassles (but give up a big chunk of your cash flow, and any say in how your properties are handled).

But now there’s a THIRD option: keep total control AND get professional support. That’s what FLCRM offers, and you should come learn how you can:

  • Never deal with maintenance again, because you have a team of professional service providers at your fingertips
  • Simplify your leasing process and rent collection, AND report your rent collections to the credit bureaus
  • Get all the support you need to run your rentals more passively, but at a fraction of the cost of hiring a manager

Bill Noll

The LLC Master Machine: Real Asset Protection for Real Estate Investors

Let’s have some real talk: learning to MAKE money in real estate is fun. But learning how to KEEP that money safe from over-taxation, predatory lawsuits, IRS audits, and all the other sabertoothed tigers in the bushes deserves just as much of your time and attention.

That’s why you need to come spend 90 minutes with Bill Noll, a mega-experienced CPA AND attorney who’s spent decades in the trenches with his real estate investor clients, seeing exactly what they do right and wrong, and helping them clearly understand how to set up their businesses for maximum prosperity and minimum risk.

He’ll explain:

  • The best legal entity for your business, plus what you DON’T know: the documents you need to protect yourself in a lawsuit, and to maximize tax deductions
  • How to sell properties tax free, take more deductions, and use the stepped-up basis rule to pass more on to your loved ones
  • How to avoid audits, what to do if you face one, and so many other tidbits of money-saving advice they won’t all fit here…

*Note: at Bill’s request, his sessions will not be recorded or included with the Summit recordings

Damon Remy

5 Ways to Find Off-Market Deals

Whether the market is on fire or freezing cold, the BEST deals are the ones where you can talk directly to sellers, find out whether they’re motivated before you waste a bunch of time on research and negotiation, find out their real goals and needs, and meet those needs with cash or creative offers.

In other words, off-market deals, where there are no go-betweens, and you can talk to sellers directly. And your next question is going to be, “What’s the best way to find those?”

As Damon Remy will share, there’s no one right answer, and if you want tons of seller leads, you should stop thinking about mail and digital and direct contacts as different things and start thinking marketing FUNNEL instead of marketing.

You’ll discover:

  • How all the marketing methods you’ve heard of should be working TOGETHER in your business to generate the highest number of motivated sellers who want to work with you
  • How you can easily manage a marketing funnel with a smaller, more qualified group of prospects, even if you’re a solopreneur with a full-time job
  • What really DOESN’T work—or isn’t fully legal—and is a waste of your precious time and money

Jeff Rickerman

How to Find, Hire, Manage (and Fire) Contractors Right

The “labor shortage” continues to plague our business, in the form of fewer contractors and handy people available to work, and higher prices and big delays FOR that work.

Yet, many of your colleagues are still completing rehabs, turning over rentals, and getting repairs done effectively and profitably: the question is, HOW?

Experienced renovator (and OREIA President!) Jeff Rickerman will share the inside secrets of this process, including:

  • How to find, screen, and hire the right people using the right processes and documents
  • How to manage your contractors to get the job done on time and on budget
  • When and how to make the decision to fire a contractor who’s not getting it done, and how to avoid the dreaded “contractor lien” situation when you do

Jason Roberts and Rachel Schneider

Bigger Profits, Bigger Impact: The Shared Housing Solution

“Shared Housing” is the phrase that’s on every real estate entrepreneur’s lips in 2022.

         Why? Because it can 3x the cashflow and double the value of a traditional rental, AND be more hands-off, AND make a real dent in the ‘affordable housing crisis’ in our communities.

         Jason Roberts and Rachel Schneider are passionate converts to the shared housing business, because it’s created a monster monthly cash flow that’s mostly hands-off for them. They’re anxious to share their experiences, including:

  • Which properties in which areas are ideal shared housing projects, and whether it’s smarter to buy an existing facility, create a new one, or just convert one of the rentals or rehabs you already own into one
  • Why you can choose to be completely hands-on, completely hands-off, or something in between, depending on your goals and skills
  • How to get the money to do these deals whether or not you happen to have cash and credit (trust us, you CAN)
  • The renters who are begging for these situations, and who will fill up your property fast, and for whom you’ll be solving a huge problem (and you know we make money solving problems, right?)
  • Real-life examples, with numbers, that prove that providing shared housing can triple your income and double the value of your properties
  • How you can single-handedly make a huge impact on the affordable housing crisis in YOUR community, and get killer cash flow doing it (and really, what could be better than that?)

Joseph Scorese, Lending One Lunch and Learn

Banks vs. Hard Money vs. Direct Private Lending: Which is Right for Your Business?

    We know that Summit attendees do a LOT of different things: rentals, fix-and-flips, apartments, commercial, new construction, and more.

    All of those strategies require different types of financing, and you might be lost about whether to go the conventional, bank route, or look for a hard money lender, or find the right direct private lender.

    Joe Scorese is here to help you clarify the best lending options for YOU, based on YOUR strategy and favorite property class. He’ll explain:

Why different lenders have different “lending lanes”, and how to find the one that’s in yours

When and why “recourse” vs. “non-recourse” loans are right for you

How to get low-qualifying DSCR and ‘bank statement’ loans, and the pros and cons of those.

Tiffany Toombs

Get Out of Your Own Way: The 3 REAL Secrets to Real Estate Success

Take any 100 real estate entrepreneurs, give them the same exact education, access to resources, and market, and track them over an entire career, and you’ll find this:

80 of them do nothing: no deals, no business, no money.

15 of them do SOMETHING: make a deal or two, maybe even start a real business, but never feel like they’ve reached their true goals or potential

Which leaves 5 who do what we all WANT to do and PLAN to do: reach our financial independence goals, so that we can reach our lifestyle and comfort goals.

The 5% aren’t smarter, richer, or luckier when they start out, so what’s their secret?

It’s their investment in the most important real estate in the world: the 1200 cubic centimeters between their ears.

Yep, mindset is your most powerful asset…or your worst enemy where it comes to succeeding in ANY real estate strategy.  And if you don’t learn to run IT, IT will make you fall just short of their goals, or maybe even sabotage your journey to success altogether.

If only there were a way to quickly reprogram the beliefs and thought patterns that you’ve held onto for so long…that no one ever taught you that you COULD control, much less HOW…that you might not even realize you’ve had all your life…

Oh, wait, there is!

And that’s exactly what Tiffany Toombs is a nationally recognized expert at doing. Open up your mind, and let her show you

  • How limiting beliefs are holding you back, and how they’re created, perpetuated and validated throughout our life
  • How changing your thoughts LITERALLY change your reality: things that we’re there before (deals? Money? Mentors?) appear as if by magic
  • How we get stuck in survival mode and stress addiction because of our limiting beliefs and thoughts and how that slowly destroys our body, mind and soul(not to mention our businesses!) unless we get “unstuck”
  • How to break the cycle for good and create a future aligned with our dreams, desires and goals!

Sunday Mastery Sessions

This year, we’re devoting Sunday to topics and experts that are “next level” in terms of their thinking, strategies,
and experience measured in DECADES.

Whether you’re an experienced investor looking to learn next-level strategies, or a newly-minted real estate entrepreneur looking to get a head start and meet the folks who can really move you forward fast, you MUST plan to stay on Sunday and here these hyper-successful experts…


Morning General Session • 8:30am - Noon

George Antone

You Are Playing the Wrong Game!

Have you ever wondered if you are playing the wrong game when building your wealth?

Whether you know it or not, you are playing the game of finance, not real estate! Real estate is only one part of a bigger game, and you are missing out on a LOT! Not understanding the bigger picture can mean a lifetime of trial and error with very little to show at retirement!

Ask yourself this simple question:

In ALL the years that you have been investing, are you where you want to be? How come most investors are not? It’s because they are limiting themselves by thinking the game is just about real estate.

During this workshop, George Antone will open your eyes and teach you about the game of finance. He will share with you a few tweaks that you can implement ASAP and start winning today.

Discover how to…

  • Make the financial system work for you instead of against you
  • Skyrocket your existing real estate portfolio
  • Implement the 3 most powerful “Smart Levers” that George’s students use to hit their financial goals in as little as 4 to 7 years with less stress, less risk, and more certainty

Have you ever had a feeling that the ultra-wealthy understand something about the game of finance that you are missing? The truth is, they do. Now is your opportunity to learn the secrets as well.

George Antone has spent decades learning about and implementing financial strategies that increase cash flow faster, with lower risk and more certainty.

3 Hour Concurrent Wealth-Building Workhops • 2:00pm - 5:00pm

David Tilney, Naples, FL

Master Leasing: The Safest Way to Get Started in Real Estate
(and a Great Way to Acquire Property!)

You don’t have to OWN rentals in order to create lots of income now, and maybe get some great deals later…

…All you have to do is understand the powerful but little-known strategy of “Master Leasing”, where you solve a huge problem for a rental owner and use your rental management skills to create monthly cashflow for yourself.

David Tilney is the undisputed master of Master Leasing: he’s taught thousands of investors all over the U.S. how to do it right for over 25 years.

He’ll share the basics you need to know, like:

  • How you make money by master leasing—and how it compares to other strategies
  • Why some owners who don’t even want to ‘sell’ are thrilled to let you make money by master leasing their properties
  • How master leasing can get you just the benefits you want with none of the risks you want to avoid
  • How to negotiate the terms of the master lease (FYI, they’re usually low or no money down) and why the lease is the first negotiation, but not the last one
  • How to find owners who will THANK YOU for taking their headache away
  • Problems and pitfalls you need to avoid like the plague

Dyches Boddiford

Wrap Mortgage Mastery

Wrap mortgages are one of those things that lots of investors have heard of, but few really grasp.

And that’s a shame, because as Dyches Boddiford will share, they can:

  • Let you take as little as $1,000 (maybe from your self-directed retirement account?) make 6-figure loans that generate double-digit returns
  • Safely and ethically “flip” subject to and owner financed deals AND create not just an up-front profit, but a monthly one, too
  • Make sellers feel safe about letting you “take over” their mortgages
  • Be super-powerful tools in a rising interest rate market. Anyone seen one of those lately?