2022 Speakers

November 3rd:
Thursday All-Day Intensives

9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Kathy Kennebrook, Bradenton, FL 

How to Blow Up Your Pipeline with Seller Leads and Automate Your Marketing
Plus, How to Make Money with (Low Competition, High-profit) Land Deals

For now, the market remains super-tight, and 99% of the great deals out there are off-market. So, what’s an investor to do?

Well, maybe a two-pronged approach is in order:

  1. Get serious about your seller marketing, and start doing what’s proven to work, instead of whatever you’ve been doing
  2. Go after a profitable asset class that hardly anyone does, where you can make a ton of deals with little to no competition

No one alive can bring these two strategies together like Kathy Kennebrook, who’s used her more-or-less hands-off marketing system to generate 7 figures a year in cash from flips, equity and cash flow from rentals, flip deals, land investments, and more.

In the morning, she’ll share:

  • The 12 types of motivated sellers you should DEFINITELY be marketing to
  • How to reach out to them, and what to say, to get your phone ringing off the hook
  • A funny little trick that gets sellers to pre-screen THEMSELVES for motivation
  • How to automate your marketing system (because, c’mon, if you don’t, you’re not going to stick with it—and consistency is key!

And in the afternoon, you’ll discover:

  • Why vacant land is the asset class with the MOST motivated sellers, MOST chances to buy for pennies on the dollar, and MOST chances to get owner financing
  • Who your best buyers are if you want to flip land for quick cash profits
  • How to hold land for income from a huge variety of sources
  • Why land is often the ideal investment for retirement accounts, and for investors with limited cash

Kathy is a former banker who turned in her corporate badge for a 7-figure a year flipping, rental, and land investing business 2 decades ago.

Robyn Thompson, Ocala, FL 

Turn Foreclosures, Estate Properties, and Unwanted Houses into Quick Cash
And Why Vacation Rentals are the Key to Your Long-Term Wealth

The “Queen of Rehab” is back, and she’s got new strategies to share with anyone who wants BOTH big chunks of cash for now, and lots of cash flow to live on later.

Best known for training most of the successful retailers you know, Robyn is now also building a short-term rental empire that’s on track to create a spectacular retirement income in the 6-figure a month range.

Because this combination of a cash strategy and an income strategy is the secret to your long-term success, we’ve asked her to reveal BOTH at the Summit this year.

In the morning, Robyn will reveal:

  • How to create a house buying machine in this low-inventory, high-competition market
  • The 9 types of houses you should never, ever buy if you want to fix and flip them fast
  • How to find and hire the best contractors to get the job done (right and fast and on budget)
  • The whole rehab process—you’ll need to understand this before you EVER buy a property
  • The 8 contractors on your “dream team” (and how to prescreen and manage them)
  • The magical “buying formula” that ensures your profits (if you’ll bother to learn and follow it)
  • 21 critical “WOW!” factors that get your house sold fast
  • 8 marketing strategies that attract “A-credit” buyers to your deals
  • How to prescreen buyers in 4 minutes to make sure they’re qualified and won’t tie up your big check for months on end
  • What to do to continue your big checks when the market softens

And in the afternoon, you’ll find out:

  • Why vacation rentals are the highest-income, easiest-to-pay-off-fast, lowest-hassle investment you can make
  • The best places to buy them, the best kinds of properties to buy
  • How to manage them yourself, in a few hours a week, and not pay big management fees
  • How to find the very most important people on your short-term rental team: you literally can’t run your business without them
  • The marketing strategies that will make sure that your vacation rental is booked to the max—even in areas with a lot of competition
  • How to find a great cleaning team so you won’t have to do touch the properties
  • And much more!

Robyn Thompson transitioned from miserable accountant (and a 2nd job as a waitress) to full-time real estate investor with a single fix-and-flip deal. Since then, she’s done hundreds of rehabs from cheap properties to million-dollar mansions, and now owns 12 short-term rentals in 2 states (with another 50 on the way)

Friday & Saturday 8:30am - 5:00pm Presentations

More Details Later and More Speakers and Topics to Come–20 in all, packed into these 2 days–but Here’s Who’s Confirmed Now:

Donna Bauer

Donna Bauer: How to Get Cash, Cash Flow, and Retirement Income by Investing in (or Flipping) Notes and Mortgages

Mark Dolfini

The Strategic Approach to Managing Rentals: How to Fire Yourself from Being a Landlord

Randy Hughes (“Mr. Land Trust”)

Harness the Awesome (Money-Saving, Risk-Reducing, Lawsuit-Avoiding, Deal-Making) Power of Land Trusts

Bill Noll

The LLC Master Machine: Real Asset Protection for Real Estate Investors


Sunday Mastery Sessions

This year, we’re devoting Sunday to topics and experts that are “next level” in terms of their thinking, strategies,
and experience measured in DECADES.

Morning General Session • 8:30am - Noon

George Antone

Hacking Finance: How to Make the System Work for You, Instead of Against You

If you’ve ever suspected that truly wealthy people understand the monetary system better than you do, you’re right. They use debt to build wealth, make inflation work in their favor, and have access to investments you never get the hear about.

George Antone has spent decades learning about and implementing “The Wealthy Code”—in fact, he wrote a best-selling book by that name—and sharing with normal people like you and me how to access the same legal and financial benefits and loopholes that the super-rich do.

He’ll share:

  • How you can get money at 0% interest and use it to earn 6-8% interest
  • How to boost your monthly cash flow without actually earning more
  • Why debt, structured right, helps you beat inflation and grow wealth faster

Afternoon Concurrent Sessions • 1:30pm - 4:30pm

David Tilney, Naples, FL

Master Leasing: The Safest Way to Get Started in Real Estate
(and a Great Way to Acquire Property!)

You don’t have to OWN rentals in order to create lots of income now, and maybe get some great deals later…

…All you have to do is understand the powerful but little-known strategy of “Master Leasing”, where you solve a huge problem for a rental owner and use your rental management skills to create monthly cashflow for yourself.

David Tilney is the undisputed master of Master Leasing: he’s taught thousands of investors all over the U.S. how to do it right for over 25 years.

He’ll share the basics you need to know, like:

  • How you make money by master leasing—and how it compares to other strategies
  • Why some owners who don’t even want to ‘sell’ are thrilled to let you make money by master leasing their properties
  • How master leasing can get you just the benefits you want with none of the risks you want to avoid
  • How to negotiate the terms of the master lease (FYI, they’re usually low or no money down) and why the lease is the first negotiation, but not the last one
  • How to find owners who will THANK YOU for taking their headache away
  • Problems and pitfalls you need to avoid like the plague