2023 National REI Summit Audio Recordings

Thursday, November 2

JM Real Estate

“How to Get Your Deals
Funded (in all 50 States)”

Noel Selewski

“Investment Property Insurance (and What You Need to Know)”

Wealth Wisdom Financial

“The Secrets to a Financially Stress-Free
Real Estate Empire”

Freaky Fast
Real Estate


“How to Live the Life of Your Dreams with
Passive RE Investments”

Saturday, November 4

The Money Multiplier

“Double Dipping on My Money with the Money Multiplier”

Equity Trust Company

“Tax-Free Focused Investing-Roth, HSA, CESA Leveraging Financial Friends & Loans”

Dayton Capital Partners

“How to Get Truly Passive Income in Performing Notes”

Sunday, November 5

Vena Jones-Cox

“Creative Buying Workshop: How to Make the RIght Creative Offer ”

Richard Roop

“How AI Can Help YOU (Yes, YOU) Do More Real Estate More Easily “

REI Blackbook

“More Deals, Less Marketing Money: The Perfect Follow Up System”

Scott Ellsworth

“How to Convert Your
Traditional IRA/401K to a
Roth IRA/401K”

Lindsey Jensen

“Rental Property Millions with Landlording
Leadership and Master