For REIA Leaders

Are you a board member or owner of a real estate investment association?

If so, you should make an extra effort to be at the Summit. Why? Because:

  • You’ll get to preview over 2 dozen of the best speakers in the U.S.—some with courses to sell, some without—to help you plan your 2022 programming calendar
  • You’ll get to network with over 100 association leaders from all over the U.S., to find out how THEY’RE coping with the “new normal” of hybrid meetings and more
  • We’re even holding a special, group leader-only dinner on Friday night to talk about the biggest challenge facing our entire industry today: the constant, seemingly unending attacks by the media…

Friday Evening 5:15 p.m.-7:15 p.m.

Association and Thought Leader Dinner Can We Use the Media to Change the Narrative?

(with guest speaker Roger Valdez)

         If you lead a real estate association, meetup, or just happen to be one of those politically-minded investors who’s painfully aware that the political and media narrative about (evil, greedy) housing providers is getting worse and worse.

         Some of us are pushing back, though: through organized P.R. efforts at the state and local levels and with a great deal of support from Center for Housing Economics Director Roger Valdez.

         If you’re one of those people, or want to be, join us for dinner with Roger and OREIA President Jeff Rickerman to share what’s working (and not) where you are, and advice about what you can do to help change the narrative that’s driving everything from eviction moratoria to wholesaling laws to rent control.

Tickets are $19 per person, space is limited.