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There’s a Reason that the National Real Estate Summit Is the Biggest in the Country…

Year in and year out, for DECADES, the annual OREIA National Real Estate Investing Summit has been the biggest gathering of independent real estate investors, housing providers, flippers, and note buyers in the U.S.

It’s for one simple reason:

It’s always our mission to gather the best of the best experts in a huge array of strategies, and give you the chance to use THEIR experience to make YOUR path to financial independence shorter, more certain, and less risky.

We’re a non-profit association created BY real estate investors FOR real estate investors, and we know that the real estate market is always changing, always presenting new opportunities and challenges, and always attracting new entrepreneurs.

That’s why, for 35 years, we’ve never held the “same” Summit twice.

        We follow what’s happening in the economy, inventory, financing, new technology, regulation, disruptive strategies, and education, and invite the experts who have the most experience and the best training in the hottest strategies to this annual event…

…and investors all over the country have noticed.

        Over 800 new and experienced real estate entrepreneurs will converge on Cincinnati on November 4th-7th for networking, team building, and the most up-to-the-minute information about the right strategies for today, and 2022, and beyond.

What You’ll Experience at this Year’s Live Event:

  • Over 2 dozen unique workshops, from national trainers you’ve heard of and successful real-life investors you haven’t, but need to. Every one of them is carefully chosen to bring you some skill or strategy that you need NOW, not 10 years ago.
  • The chance to meet the vendors and service providers you need on your team. There’s no such thing as a “self-made millionaire”; we ALL need investor-friendly lenders, insurers, suppliers, IRA custodians, software that makes our lives easier…and there’s no better chance to meet the best of the best than at the Summit.
  • Hundreds of like-minded entrepreneurs, and lots of chances to build relationships with them. Deals are done here. Partners are found here. Life-long friends are made here. The best place to build your nationwide network is right here, at the Summit

        Make a (cheap) investment in the future of your real estate investing business—join us, and over 800 of your fellow real estate entrepreneurs from all over the U.S. in Cincinnati on November 4th-7th!

Pricing and Specials...


$ 297 person
  • Access to all workshops, panels, and chats
  • Surprises (as always)
  • Add a Guest for Only $100!


$ 67 person
  • Gives you access to VIP Summit check-in
  • Thursday evening reception with speakers
  • Friday evening ice cream social with speakers
  • Exclusive Raffles
  • Identifying Event Lanyard
  • Summit Audio Recordings
  • VIP add-ons must be purchased in addition to your Summit and Expo Pass.


$ 50 person
  • Don’t forget to buy tickets for banquet Saturday night. Come enjoy networking and dining with your new best friends. $57 for tickets at registration desk.
  • Network with like-minded investors
  • OPHP (Ohio Professional Housing Provider) Awards presentation (ticket required–will sell out)
  • Real Estate keynote presentation
  • Cocktails take place at 6:00 p.m. and dinner at 7 p.m.


$ 17 person
  • Bring your 15-22 year olds and we’ll show them how to build financial independence in the real world.
  • Just $17 per student with adult admission.


        Join us on November 4-7, 2021 for the 2021 National Real Estate Investing Summit at The Great Wolf Lodge, Cincinnati OH!

        Sorry our event is so popular the Great Wolf Lodge room block is sold out. But there’s another option for our OREIA people:

        Check out Camp Cedar, the new campground near Kings Island! They have cabanas that sleep 4, potentially RV parking, they’re open nov 4-7, rates are $119/nite + resort fee. Click here to go to their website.

        Residence Inn in Mason for $119/single $129/double on Thursday & Sunday.  Friday & Saturday will be $129/single & $139/double.  Our OREIA coupon code is: OREI Overflow Block  Click here to go to their website.

November 4th: Thursday All-Day Intensives

9:00am - 5:00pm

The Fast Track to Wealth with Ron LeGrand

Ron LeGrand, Jacksonville Fl.

        Ron LeGrand has almost certainly made more real estate millionaires in the U.S. than any other single human being.

        Now you have a unique opportunity to spend an entire day soaking up knowledge from “The Godfather of Real Estate”, where you’ll discover:

  • Multiple quick cash strategies that can put $10,000 or more in your pocket in the next 30 days, including some that let you literally pay FULL PRICE (if the terms are right…)
  • The fine (and crucial) art of pre-screening prospects, so that you only have to deal with people who really want to deal with you
  • How to find the best deals when the competition is fierce
  • The RIGHT steps to building a real estate business; skip any, and it’ll crush you
  • How to overcome a ‘personal financial crisis’—this is frank talk about what to do if you’re overleveraged, in too much debt, and feeling like all the joy has been sucked out of your life because you’re so worried about money
  • Where to get the money to fund your deals, without coming out of pocket one dime, and even if your credit sorta sucks…and so, so much more…

        Ron is famous for his vast experience (he’s bought over 3,000 single family homes and still buys a couple a month, pretty much on autopilot), his no-B.S. teaching style (if you’re looking to be coddled, this isn’t the workshop for you), and his ability to get brand-new investors making money fast.

How to Create a Financial Legacy with One (Apartment) Deal

Corey Peterson, Tuscon AZ

        If you’re the “Go big or go home” type, owning apartments might be the right strategy for you.

        After all, one big apartment deal can create not just a hefty income for your lifetime, but a legacy for your heirs, too…and imagine what hundreds of doors might mean for your wealth.

        Corey Peterson doesn’t have to imagine: after starting his real estate career as a ‘fix-and-flipper’, he got tired of the constant grind of always having to find the next deal to get the next check, and went in search of a lifestyle that generated cash flow while he slept.

        Today, he’s bought and managed over $195 million in apartment deals across the country, not including the over $50 million in deals he’s got under contract right now.

        For the first time, he’s sharing with Summit attendees his process for finding, financing, and buying apartments, including:

  • Where to find deals in today’s over-heated market
  • How to pick the right cities to look for properties (because when someone else is managing your investments, you can pick the BEST market, not just YOUR market)
  • How to develop the most important relationships of your apartment-investing life: relationships with the right brokers
  • How and from whom to raise the (big) money you need to lock up deals—these investors are almost definitely not who you think they are
  • The ‘cycle’ of doing an apartment deal from start to finish

        Corey’s company has been so successful that he’s been invited to speak at Harvard and Nasdaq—and we’re lucky to have snagged him to share his success secrets with YOU.

2021 Deal Maker's Forum


$ 297 person
  • Includes admission to all days! (The Summit Pass)
  • Experienced investors only
  • Closed door session
  • Requirement: You need to have been in Real Estate a minimum of 5 years
  • Requirement: You need to have transacted a minimum of 50 deals



$ 25,000
  • Either: 90 minutes main stage (1x); OR secondary stage (2x)
  • 1 lunch speaking presentation, OREIA pays for food for 50
  • Summit “featured sponsor”
  • Featured table space for 4 days
  • Full page ad in Summit Brochure
  • 8 tickets to Saturday night banquet/show
  • 4 email blasts to Summit attendees
  • Mailing addresses of all attendees
  • 4 text blasts to Summit attendees


$ 3,995
  • One 45 minute lunch speaking presentation, OREIA pays for food for 50
  • Summit “named sponsor”
  • Featured table space for 4 days
  • 1/2 page ad in Summit Brochure
  • 4 tickets to Saturday night banquet/show
  • 2 email blasts to Summit attendees
  • Mailing list of attendees


$ 2,000
  • All Platinum Sponsor benefits
  • PLUS Wake up Wealthy 90 minute session (against 4 other speakers)
  • Additional ½ page in Summit brochure (two half-pages or one full page)


$ 1,995
  • Quarter page ad in Summit Brochure
  • 1 email blast to Summit attendees
  • 2 tickets to Saturday night banquet/show
  • Table space for 4 days


$ 1,395
  • Business card size ad in Summit Brochure
  • Table space for 4 days

Who do I contact for questions?

If you have any questions, please contact us at sara@oreiaconvention.com or tel. (888) 996-7342 we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.