Thriving in New Market Series

Wednesday nights, Sept. 7th - October 12th ONLINE

We ALL Need a Crystal Ball Right Now--
And OREIA’s Got the Next Best Thing:

How to Thrive in the “New Market” Series

Wednesday nights, Sept. 7th-October 12th ONLINE

Free and Open to the Public

We ALL Need a Crystal Ball Right Now–
And OREIA’s Got the Next Best Thing:

How to Thrive in the “New Market” Series: 6 Wednesday nights with the experts in flipping, creative finance, deal-finding, personal success, and the future of the market.

There’s no question that the real estate market has shifted with inflation taking a toll on everyone, skyrocketing interest rates, and a market that’s softening fast.

The strategies we’ve all used successfully in the last 2 years are showing some serious cracks:

How does buying rentals work when interest rates have nearly doubled, but rents haven’t?

How do we move forward with fixing and flipping when a property might be worth less in 6 months than it is today?

How do we overcome our own anxieties, build our knowledge and skills, and charge forward into this “New Market” armed and ready to thrive in a recession?

The best way to start is to talk to active investors who have decades of experience in their fields and who have already lived through hot markets and recessionary ones…and that’s exactly who we’re bringing you for this 6-week series of online discussions.

Here's the High-Level Overview:

  • You should DEFINITELY attend if you value the opinions and experienced advice of people who are in the market today, and who have decades of accomplishment (and probably a few scars) to back up their input
  • Each week features a different high-level expert or panel on a different strategy; attend all of them, or just the ones that will most benefit your particular business; this link will take you to the detailed schedule
  • You don’t have to register for each of the sessions individually; just click HERE and you’ll be registered for the whole series
  • You don’t have to attend live (though that’s the best strategy, since that’s when you’ll have the chance to ask questions); a link for the recorded version will go out to all attendees the next day, and will be available to hear for a full week.
  • These aren’t sales pitches for home study courses; these experts will be giving their best advice and guesses about what’s next, NOT their courses (though we wouldn’t be surprised if you were ALSO encouraged to attend the awesome OREIA National Real Estate Summit in November…)

September 7th, 7:00-8:30 ONLINE

The 2022-2023 Market Forecast, and What it Means for Your
Favorite Strategy (with Vena Jones-Cox).

We’ll start out our series with a statistical overview of the current national market and talk about:

  • The effect inflation and drastically increased interest rates are having on investors, homebuyers, and renters
  • How the slowing market will affect sale prices
  • Which strategies will benefit as the market slows, which will languish, and how to modify yours to take advantage of the opportunities (and meet the challenges) to come
  • Vena’s predictions about how that might change during the rest of the year and in 2023

Vena Jones-Cox is a 25+ year veteran of the wholesaling, rental, lease/option, and creative finance business, focusing primarily on single family homes. She’s a past president of OREIA and Executive Director of REIA of Greater Cincinnati and the Community of Real Estate Entrepreneurs (REIAGC)

September 14th, 7:00-8:30 ONLINE

The Future of Financing

In this week’s installment, Dave Corsi (creative finance guy), Darrin Carey (hard money lender), and Alan Cowgill (private money raising expert) will talk about what happens in these non-bank financing arenas as markets soften, and what they’re changing in their business models in the face of the what’s happening right now. 

Dave Corsi is a veteran creative deal structurer who has used owner financing, equity sharing arrangements, subject to and lease options to build an impressive real estate business over the past 2 decades.

Darrin Carey an experienced rehabber/housing provider and is the owner of Dayton Capital Partners, a hard money lender

Alan Cowgill is a housing provider and retailer who specializes in raising both short term and long term private money to fund his deals

September 21st, 7:00-8:30 ONLINE

The Future of Finding Great Deals
with Kathy Kennebrook and Damon Remy

As the market softens, how should your deal marketing change?

That’s the question we’ll ask Kathy Kennebrook and Damon Remy, along with “should our target markets change?” and “Should we target different KINDS of sellers and properties?”

This is your chance to get ahead of what’s happening right now, so make sure you’re registered!

Kathy Kennebrook is a rehabber, rental property owner, land investor, and nationally-recognizes direct mail marketing expert.

Damon Remy is the founder of REIBlackbook, and an authority on digital marketing ranging from websites to phone and text marketing.

September 28th, 7:00-8:30 ONLINE

How to Get Over Yourself and Prosper in Changing Markets

The biggest problem with a changing market isn’t that our “cheese is moved”—it’s that we have a natural reaction to uncertain times that stops us from taking the action we need to as fast as we need to.

If you could rewire your brain RIGHT NOW to overcome the anxiety that you may already be feeling (and that you almost certainly WILL feel) in the face of continued inflation, a market that might drop, and colleagues who will tell you they’re “sitting out the market”, you’d be much more ready to thrive in the “New Market”, right?

In this session, we’ll talk with an experienced success coach about how to stop your brain from stopping YOU from acting on opportunities in these uncertain times—and, for that matter, for the rest of your life.

Tiffany Toombs is a success coach and NLP expert who’s worked with hundreds of business owners to invest in the most important real estate of all: the part between their ears. Her expertise is in overcoming limiting beliefs, mindsets, and habits and behaviors.

October 5th, 7:00-8:30 ONLINE

The Future of Flipping with Robyn Thompson and Vena Jones-Cox

When prices soften, the BIGGEST and QUICKEST impact is on those of us who “flip” properties—because our entire profit is based on what the property is worth over the short term.

Flipping is still a great way to produce cash in slower market—but it has to be approached differently than we’ve all gotten used to in the last decade.

In this free online discussion, two of the top flipping experts in the U.S. will discuss how they’re changing THEIR businesses to accommodate a slower market, rising interest rates for buyers, and possible declines in prices.

Robyn Thompson is the “Queen of Rehab”, thanks to her hundreds of retail flips in multiple markets and ranging from cheap houses to mansions.

Vena Jones-Cox has wholesaled in both hot and cold markets over the past 25 years and is known for her insistence on always bringing great deals to her buyers, no matter which way the market is trending.

October 12th, 7:00-8:30 ONLINE

How to Get the Deals, Money, Mentoring, Referrals, and Resources You Need to Succeed

Every single thing you need to get to the next level of your real estate career is already in front of you—IF you know how to build relationships with the people who already have it.

But most investors don’t know how to approach colleagues in a ‘win-win’ way to build allies and financial friends.

That’s the topic of this week’s discussion: advice about how to present yourself and your wants in a way that makes the folks who have what you need want to work with you.

It may be the most important advice you ever hear—and it’s practical enough that you can implement it right away!