Agile Investing Calls

Agile Investing: What’s Working Today, and What to Do in ‘22

A 6-week online series featuring real-life experts discussing what’s working in their strategies now, and their predictions for the next 24 months…

Monday Nights, September 13th-October 18th ONLINE 7-8:30 p.m. Eastern

“May You Live in Interesting Times”—old Chinese curse

We all know that mega-wealth is built in times of uncertainty, but only by those who can foresee, and seize, the opportunities (and avoid the pitfalls) in the market.

We’re certainly living in “interesting times” right now, with real estate prices continuing to skyrocket, inventory continuing to shrink, tons cheap money available, inflation showing no signs of slowing, and, of course, continuing government intervention in everything from evictions and foreclosure to regulation of wholesaling, short term rentals, and lending.

Plus, in case you haven’t heard, EVERYONE thinks we’re in for a re-set in the real estate market; but the question is, WHEN? And how do we prepare for it?

The best way to understand what’s working now and what we’re likely to see in the next few years is to talk to active investors who have decades of experience in their fields and who have already lived through hot markets and recessionary ones…and that’s exactly who we’re calling on for this 6-week series of online discussions.

Here's the High-Level Overview:

You should DEFINITELY attend if you value the opinions and experienced advice of people who are in the market today, and who have decades of accomplishment (and probably a few scars) to back up their input.

Each week features a different high-level expert or panel on a different strategy; attend all of them, or just the ones that will most benefit your particular business.

You don’t have to register for each of the sessions indivudally; just click HERE and you’ll be registered for the whole series.

You don’t have to attend live (though that’s the best strategy, since that’s when you’ll have the chance to ask questions); a link for the recorded version will go out to all attendees the next day, and will be available to hear for a full week.

These aren’t sales pitches; they’re interviews and Q&A sessions with real-life experts and gurus (though we wouldn’t be surprised if you were ALSO encouraged to attend the awesome OREIA National Real Estate Summit in November…)

Here’s What You’ll Learn. Week by Week, when You Attend:

Monday, September 13th

What’s Working Today, and What to do in ’22 in…the National Real Estate and Finance Markets (with Vena Jones-Cox).

Let’s start out our series with a general overview of what’s happening in the market nationwide right this second: why sales are slowing, what effect government intervention in foreclosures and evictions is having on supply and demand, which strategies are booming and which are suffering, and Vena’s predictions about how that might change in 2022.

Vena Jones-Cox is a 25+ year veteran of the wholesaling, rental, lease/option, and creative finance business, focusing primarily on single family homes. She’s the past president of OREIA and founding member of the REIA mastermind group (RMG) which brings together REIA leaders from all over the US to discuss everything from how to build better communities to market trends across the U.S.

Monday, September 20th

What’s Working Today, and What to do in ’22 in… Apartment Investing with Corey Peterson.

Apartments are the surprise on-fire asset class of the last 5 years. Once accessible only to cash-heavy hedge funds and rich individuals, they’re now understood to be do-able by anyone with the right people and educational resources, and now prices are soaring. Is that sustainable? Are there any good deals left? In what markets? Should you be buying, or selling? And are they due for a crash? Corey Peterson will address all of these topics and more.

Starting his career as a fix-and-flipper, Corey Peterson decided that he liked cash floe better than one-and-done checks, and now he and his partners have bought and managed over $195 million in apartment units all over the county, not including $50 million he has under contract right now.

Monday, September 27th

What’s Working Today, and What to do in ’22 in… Creative Deal Structuring with Pete Fortunato.

Everything about the current real estate, legislative, and tax environment should be affecting your thinking about how to choose to finance and own real estate. If there are ways to get income from rentals without facing eviction moratoria, or ways to sell appreciated properties without capital gains, or ways to control properties without owning them, we should all be learning about those, right? That’s what uber-creative deal structurer Pete Fortunato will address in this session: what scares HIM about what’s happening now, and how he’s doing deals now and in the future.

Pete Fortunato bought his first deal in the 1960s, and has been the undisputed leader in creative deal structuring ever since. You can’t listen to Pete’s strategies and come away unchanged by them—so be sure to attend this session

Monday, October 4th

What’s Working Today, and What to do in ’22 in… Quick Cash Strategies with Ron LeGrand

There’s nothing wrong with quick-in, quick-out strategies that produce the cash you need to quit your job, pay your bills, create a nest egg for future investments, cover property repairs—but there are some working today that you probably don’t even know about. Ron will share his experiences with what’s working for him and students all over the U.S. right now (one is probably going to be a big surprise to you), what’s NOT, and how he’s gearing up for next year.

Ron LeGrand, a.k.a “The Godfather of Real Estate”, has been the leader in quick cash strategies—and moving with the market—since the 1980s. He’s the author of several books on the topic and a real guru’s guru.

Monday, October 11th

What’s Working Today, and What to do in ’22 in… Tax-Free Investing with John Bowens

The pandemic brought about some surprising changes in the way investors are using their IRAs, 401Ks, Health Savings Accounts, and Education Savings Accounts in invest—and a lot of speculation about how the rules around Roths, investing in crypto-currency, partnering in your retirement plan and other regulations might change in the future. Whether you’re looking to invest in your OWN retirement plan, or you have friends who want to invest theirs in YOUR deals, you should attend this update and find out what’s happening now, and might happen in the future.

John Bowens is the National Director of Education for Equity Trust Company, a retirement plan custodian in Ohio, He’s also an active IRA investor himself.

Monday, October 18th

What’s Working Today, and What to do in ’22 in… Deal Finding with a panel of experts

2021 has definitely been “The Year of the Deal”—the market is famously competitive, and many of the old-faithful deal finding techniques are suffering from an overabundance of competition and an underwhelming inventory situation. Our panel is using techniques you’ve probably never heard of and almost certainly never tried to dig up unknown, off-market deals, and will give you an overview of what they do.