Bullet Proof Rehabs Masterclass – Matt Hedstrom


– Bulletproof Rehabs Masterclass with 6 modules: $2994
– Bonus Private Money Masterclass: $1997
– Bulletproof Contracts & Templates Library: $4999
– 90 days of Profit Drive (plus 100 free postcards): $1297
– 30 days to Rehab Estimator Pro software (then $49/month): $49

– Exclusive Matt Hedstrom Deal Review : $2000

Total Value:

$13,336 + Priceless Expertise

Today’s Price: $497 




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Rehab Like a Pro and Maximize Your Profit on Every Deal! Get The Unfair Advantages Almost Nobody Else Has So You Can Rehab With Less Stress, Fewer Hassles, Happy Investors & A Bigger Bank Account

You Get ALL of This With The Bulletproof Rehabs Special Introductory Offer…

PLUS get FREE access to Rehab Estimator Pro, the world’s most comprehensive rehab project management tool so you can execute every project on-time and on-budget!

Immersion: The Bulletproof Rehabs Course ($2,994)

Get ready to out-perform your competition BIG TIME with a bulletproof game plan that works for every kind of rehab project. This is the most comprehensive rehab training ever created and it’s geared for today’s market, today’s business realities and today’s hidden opportunities. This six-week course includes:

Week 1 — The Main Elements of Every Rehab

  • Break Down Your Rehab Project Into 5 Key Parts: Exterior, Interior, Mechanicals, Miscellaneous & Neighborhood
  • Never miss another item with the most complete walk-through checklist available
  • Calculate costs expertly, based on industry standard values for any U.S. zip code

Week 2 — Scope of Work/Zero Punch List Plan

Communicate to your contractors what you expect for industry standards for your project using our Zero Punch List Scope of Work Plan. Learn why your Scope of Work comes from filling out your repair estimate properly and eventually goes into your finish schedule — these documents then help you get bids and eventually hire a contractor

  • Understand what the industry standard is, so you don’t have to get into great detail like part numbers on every scope of work for every rehab — example plumbing finishes, lighting — covers 20+ specialty subcontractors as well, e.g., locksmiths, roofers, HVAC and electrician
  • Know your market — the type of house and market determines what the industry standard is — example countertops laminate or granite — don’t over rehab!
  • Stick to your scope of work, so you don’t “value engineer” after the sale to make numbers work

Week 3 — Building Your Dream Team

Build your team as your business grows. You’ll learn why you need two Dream Teams — internal and external — and how to add key people to fill important roles as you scale up.

  • Internal — this is your “speed dial” list — marketing, legal, accounting, investors, acquisitions specialist, general contractors, private lenders, project manager, subcontractors, bookkeepers.
  • External — this is everyone else you need to bring together to get a job done on time and on budget.

Week 4 — Finding, hiring & Firing Contractors

Learn how to implement a slow to hire — quick to fire system with contractors so you remain in control of your projects, avoid costly delays and say goodbye to “end of job” nightmares like long punch lists and contractor’s liens.

  • Have a reliable system for vetting contractors before you get stuck with them
  • Know where to search to find good contractors — quality, reliability, price
  • Learn tips for qualifying contractors and checking for problems in their past
  • Have a bulletproof system to fire contractors without disputes and legal issues

Week 5 — Estimates & Rewarding Contractors

Learn how to review contractor estimates from a position of power. Fully document the process with every contractor to avoid the common mistakes rehabbers make when they don’t document every aspect of the project.

  • Have a foolproof system for requesting contractor estimates
  • Know how to review estimates to find errors, shortcuts & missing information
  • Learn special issues to be aware of when requesting major renovation estimates
  • Have a bulletproof system for documenting the entire estimate process

Week 6 — Bulletproof Contracts

Master your business relationships and minimize legal hassles with every document you need to protect your rights and ensure proper workmanship. This is your full document set for ensuring that you stay in control of your project and get it done on time and on budget.

  • Have a foolproof system for managing all your business relationships
  • Know how to protect yourself from liens, poor work, delays and omissions
  • Learn how to keep contractors compliant on your job site
  • Have a bulletproof system for minimizing legal hassles

Repetition: Templates, Guides, Plans, Checklists and Bonus Training ($4,999)

Your Bulletproof Rehabs experience doesn’t end with training. In fact, training is just the beginning. Each week’s materials include mission-critical and immediately actionable resources to deepen your learning and extend the value of the program for years to come. These materials were developed over years, honed by Matt Hedstrom personally and are the same materials Matt uses to do his own rehabs.

Week 1 Special Bonus Material Includes:

  • Matt’s 37 Minute Bonus Video “Rehabbing Done Right”
  • A Detailed Punch List Covering Every Element of a Bulletproof Rehab
  • Our Exclusive 60+ Point Walk-Through Checklist PDF

Week 2 Special Bonus Material Includes:

  • A detailed Scope of Work Template & Instructions PDF
  • Finish schedule templates in PDF and Excel
  • How to complete a Punch List PDF

Week 3 Special Bonus Material Includes:

  • Template spreadsheet for creating contractor and subcontractor lists
  • Waiver of lien agreement — so contractors can’t put liens on your property
  • W-9 so you can 1099 contractors at the end of the year
  • Dream Team PDF for Internal & External Team Development

Week 4 Special Bonus Material Includes:

  • Contractor Application Form
  • Contractor independent services agreement
  • Indemnification and proof of insurance coverage document
  • Certificate of Insurance document
  • Job Site Conduct Policy
  • Cancellation and mutual release document

Week 5 Special Bonus Material Includes:

  • Request for Estimate Form
  • How to Review Contractor Estimates
  • Property Analysis Workbook
  • Major Renovation Issues Cheat Sheet
  • Documentation Checklist

Week 6 Special Bonus Material Includes:

Your Full Set of Bulletproof Agreements for:

  • Purchasing Real Estate
  • Contractor Agreement
  • Partial Lien Waiver
  • Full Lien Waiver
  • Change Orders
  • Indemnification


  • How to Create a Punch List
  • Our Renovations Checklist