Six Figure “The Order of Operation” Bill Twyford and Will Twyford

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1. $30,000 in 30 days Wholesaling Foreclosures.This system comes with four programs and is covered in week-by-week steps designed to make you a wholesale superstar.Change your daily habits, setting goals, setting up your business, and more.

2. Short Sale Secrets

3. Foreclosure Fortunes in Your Own Backyard.

4. No Equity Equals Big Profits

5. Fed-Up Order of Operations Program

6. DNA of Real Estate Investing

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$30,000 in 30 days Wholesaling Foreclosures. This system comes with four programs and is covered in week-by-week steps designed to make you a wholesale superstar. Change your daily habits, setting goals, setting up your business, and more.

  • •#1 Getting Out Of Your Box–This program will help you feel more comfortable; speaking with strangers, determining your personality type, change your daily habits, setting goals,setting up your business, and more.

    •#2 Foundation for Financial Freedom–In week one I’ll take you through your first steps to success. You will learn how to build a buyers list, find distressed homeowners, how to qualify your potential deals, and more.

    •#3 Building Blocks of Financial Freedom–In week two we will cover putting your offer in writing, filling out the assignment of contract, working with the rehabber, preparing for the closing, choosing a title company, and more.

    •#4 Raising the Roof on Financial Freedom–In week three you get ready to get your first check! We will also cover transaction al closings, bankruptcy, what to do when you can’t close on time, wholesaling bank-owned properties, and much more.


Short Sale Secrets

  • •Part 1 Building Your Case–Learn how to find deals, put together your packages with the banks, have the crucial conversation that will make or break your deal, how to pin down loss mitigation, how to handle the banks inspection, getting the deed, and more.

  • •Part 2 Closing Arguments–When the bank says no, there is still work to do. I cover how to place your second and third offer, how to delay the foreclosure, how to give the homeowners money, bankruptcy, 1099 and deficiency judgments, when the first makes the second take zero, and more.


Foreclosure Fortunes in Your Own Backyard.

This covers every way I know of to find distressed sellers, how to find team members, and more. With over 50 methods of finding sellers, you will have more deals than you know what to do with.

No Equity Equals Big Profits This program will teach you how to make big money on properties with no equity and comes with these programs:

  • No Equity Program This program is set up to teach Investors how to make 20K-50K on deals that 90% of Investors would walk away from.This is a simple and effective technique to bring in today cash. 3 Power Point Training Calls and 3 workbooks.

  • Homeowners Agreement This program is an agreement that gives you total control over your deals.It puts every aspect of the deal in writing so that there are no misunderstandings with your deals when dealing with the homeowners.Having this control sets you apart from all other investors.1–90-minute Power Point Training.

  • Land Trust Program This Program show you exactly how to fill in the land trust and why you need to use this land trust verses others. 1–90-minutePower Point



Fed-Up Order of Operations Program

This program gives the homeowners all of their 10 options and explains them in detail.This program breaks the ice and ESTABLISHES VALUE with the homeowners when getting them to work with you. Downloadable so you can manipulate with your contact information. Four (4) Training calls. $997.00

DNA of Real Estate Investing which is 32-(60-90) minute training calls with 30 workbooks. (32 Power Point Training Calls and 30 Workbooks)

This program is the most intense program on the market it starts with Prospecting, Learning your Ratios, Millionaire Marketing, Tracking Paperwork for Accountability, Market Indexing your Areas, Homeowner Mindsets, Emotional Qualifiers, Homeowner Options, Closing your Deals, Structuring the Closings, Face-to-Face Communication, Negotiating with Homeowners and Banks, Deeds, Mortgages, Deed-In-Lieu,Long Term Wealth Building, Investments in Precious Metals and much more. Over 40 hours of power Point Training. These calls are 1-1.5 hours each. $3997

The DNA 32 Power Point Call Trainings and Workbooks
Call 01. Scheduling and Goals
Call 02. Prospecting
Call 03. Tracking Paperwork
Call 04. Learn Your Numbers Part 1(Efficiency Rating)
Call 05. Learn Your Numbers Part 2
Call 06. House Classifications
Call 07. Neighborhood Classifications
Call 08. Area Classifications
Call 09. Market Indexing Classifications
Call 10. Millionaire Marketing Part 1 (Distressed Homeowners)
Call 11. Millionaire Marketing Part 2 (Bandit Signs, Placement)
Call 12. Entrance to Scripts
Call 13. Door knocking, prequalify (Face-to-Face Part 1)
Call 14. Door knocking, prequalify (Face-to-Face Part 2)
Call 15. Inbound Calls
Call 16. Distressed Homeowners/Emotional Modes
Call 17. Establishing Buyer Leads
Call 18. Loan Modifications
Call 19. Subject-To Options, Seller Financing, Dodd-Frank
Call 20. Short Sales Part 1
Call 21. Short Sales Part 2
Call 22. Homeowners Options Bankruptcy,Deed-in-Lieu
Call 23. Modification Conversation
Call 24. Wholesaling and the Assignment of Contract
Call 25. No Equity Part 1
Call 26. Homeowners Agreement
Call 27. No Equity Part 2
Call 28. Land Trust Program
Call 29. No Equity Part 3
Call 30. Fed Up Call 1
Call 31. Fed Up Call 2
Call 32. Fed Up Call 3