2021 Speakers

OREIA 2021 Speakers

November 4th:
Thursday All-Day Intensives

Ron LeGrand, Jacksonville Fl.

The Fast Track to Wealth with Ron LeGrand

        Ron LeGrand has almost certainly made more real estate millionaires in the U.S. than any other single human being.

        Now you have a unique opportunity to spend an entire day soaking up knowledge from “The Godfather of Real Estate”, where you’ll discover:

  • Multiple quick cash strategies that can put $10,000 or more in your pocket in the next 30 days, including some that let you literally pay FULL PRICE (if the terms are right…)
  • The fine (and crucial) art of pre-screening prospects, so that you only have to deal with people who really want to deal with you
  • How to find the best deals when the competition is fierce
  • The RIGHT steps to building a real estate business; skip any, and it’ll crush you
  • How to overcome a ‘personal financial crisis’—this is frank talk about what to do if you’re over leveraged, in too much debt, and feeling like all the joy has been sucked out of your life because you’re so worried about money
  • Where to get the money to fund your deals, without coming out of pocket one dime, and even if your credit sorta sucks…and so, so much more…

Ron is famous for his vast experience (he’s bought over 3,000 single family homes and still buys a couple a month, pretty much on autopilot), his no-B.S. teaching style (if you’re looking to be coddled, this isn’t the workshop for you), and his ability to get brand-new investors making money fast.

Corey Peterson, Tuscon Az.

How to Create a Financial Legacy with one (Apartment) Deal

If you’re the “Go big or go home” type, owning apartments might be the right strategy for you.

After all, one big apartment deal can create not just a hefty income for your lifetime, but a legacy for your heirs, too…and imagine what hundreds of doors might mean for your wealth.

Corey Peterson doesn’t have to imagine: after starting his real estate career as a ‘fix-and-flipper’, he got tired of the constant grind of always having to find the next deal to get the next check, and went in search of a lifestyle that generated cash flow while he slept.

Today, he’s bought and managed over $195 million in apartment deals across the country, not including the over $50 million in deals he’s got under contract right now.

For the first time, he’s sharing with Summit attendees his process for finding, financing, and buying apartments, including:

  • Where to find deals in today’s over-heated market
  • How to pick the right cities to look for properties (because when someone else is managing your investments, you can pick the BEST market, not just YOUR market)
  • How to develop the most important relationships of your apartment-investing life: relationships with the right brokers
  • How and from whom to raise the (big) money you need to lock up deals—these investors are almost definitely not who you think they are
  • The ‘cycle’ of doing an apartment deal from start to finish

Corey’s company has been so successful that he’s been invited to speak at Harvard and Nasdaq—and we’re lucky to have snagged him to share his success secrets with YOU.

November 5th & 6th:
Friday & Saturday 8:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m. Presentations

John Bowens, Cleveland Oh. New Topic!

Rentals, Joint Ventures, and Master Leasing in Your Self-Directed Retirement Account

Want to add some serious acceleration to your retirement plan?

Harness the power of tax-free compounding—which is a fancy way of saying, do some of your real estate deals where the IRS can’t get to them, and where you can use ALL your profits to do more deals!

John Bowens will share specific strategies that self-directed investors are using to compound their returns and reach their financial goals faster, including strategies for your small-dollar accounts.

You’ll discover:

  • How your colleagues are building a tax-free, income-generating rental portfolio, and eliminating long-term capital gains tax and depreciation recapture
  • How one couple built a $1 million+ portfolio of free and clear rentals in just 10 years, and starting with just $100,000 in a Roth IRA
  • How you can use “Joint Ventures” with other investors to help you grow a littler IRA or Solo 401(k) into a big one, fast
  • How the emerging strategy of “Master Leasing” with self-directed IRA’s and 401(k)’s can let you control properties and get the RETURNS of vacation and corporate rentals without the management and risk

John Bowens has trained over 50,000 investors all over the U.S. to create more prosperous retirements for themselves, but more importantly, he practices what he preaches, actively investing in real estate-related assets in his own retirement plan!

John Burley, Phoenix Az.

Buy Houses Like Wall Street Does

We all know that a new competitor has entered the single family home-buying world in the last decade: Wall Street companies, a.k.a. hedge funds that somehow get the money and find the deals to buy, renovate, and manage thousands of houses.

You might not be able to “beat” them, but you can certainly LEARN from them—and John Burley knows all their secrets, because he was one of the first people in the U.S. to bring single family home portfolios to the Wall Street world.

He’s got a LOT to share with you about how to buy as many houses as you want with little or none of YOUR money, because that’s exactly how he does it. Join him, and find out:

  • How to raise all the money you need to get all the houses you want—this isn’t the usual “Private Loan” model…
  • How to get paid $10,000 UP FRONT on every deal you do. Yes, get paid up front, and then ALSO end up owning part of the deal at the end
  • How you can use these strategies to buy hundreds of houses, or as few as you need to become truly financially free
Frank and Sherri Candelario, PhD., Seattle, Wa. New Presenters!

Make Tremendous Cash Flow with Single Family Homes and Save the World: How Earn More Providing “Shared Housing” for Renters at Risk

       From veterans to teens who’ve aged out of the foster-care system to people with substance use disorder to the disabled, the problem isn’t money (there’s plenty of funding for housing through the organizations that work with these at-risk populations); it’s that not enough independent housing providers know the benefits of creating shared housing for them.

       An expert on Opioid addiction with personal experience in trying to house family members in recovery, Frank and Sherri are on a mission to end that tragedy, and make you a lot more money in the process. They will explain how they have tapped into billions of dollars of government funding to purchase real estate in expensive Seattle.  They have cloned their model throughout the United States.

       They are founders of Kate’s House Foundation (www.kateshousefoundation.org) and have used their platform to change the laws on how people are housed and how to get triple rents from a single family home.

  • How to use this remarkable opportunity to generate MORE cash flow from rentals you already own
  • How the process works (it’s not just “advertise for tenants and hope you get the right ones)
  • Why it’s needed, and it works, wherever YOU live
  • Why you don’t have to be a millionaire to get started (and what you WILL need)
Darrin Carey, Dayton Oh.

How to Get Truly Passive Income in Performing Notes

Looking for a great return without tenants or contractors? Would you like to generate some “mailbox money” for yourself or your IRA?

Darrin Carey originates, invests in, and sells short-term performing notes, and will share:

  • What to look for in a borrower—and the legal and practical reasons why owner-occupants might be your WORST borrowers
  • How to put smaller amounts of money to work in notes
  • Why good documentation is KEY
  • What happens when “good” notes go “bad”

Darrin might even have some notes for sale, so if you’re looking to buy, come see him!

Bill Cook, Cartersville Ga. & Vena Jones-Cox, Cincinnati Oh.

How to Do “Subject To” Right

Buying properties Subject To the Existing Financing is a hot topic right now, and rightly so—it can be a great, low money down, no qualifying way to acquire cash-flowing rentals, lease/options, and even (temporarily) finance flips.

The problem is, too many investors get themselves (and their sellers) in SERIOUS trouble by not understanding how to evaluate, document, and deal with ‘civilian’ sellers when closing these deals.

Bill and Vena will walk you through every step you need to take to make money AND avoid disasters like lawsuits and ruining other peoples’ credit, including:

  • Which sellers you should never, ever do deals with, for your sake and theirs
  • How to decide whether a deal is a good one (they aren’t all good ones, EVEN THOUGH they’re no-qualifying and low money down)
  • The 7 forms you need at closing to protect your deal for decades, if necessary
  • All the ways to avoid tripping the “due on sale clause”

Between them, Vena and Bill have over 50 years’ experience successfully buying deals subject to the existing loan, and have created a LOT of cash flow, equity, and even cash profits using this strategy alone. Come learn from their experience, so you don’t have to make your own mistakes!

Bill Cook, Cartersville, Ga.

The Magic of Options

If you’re like most real estate investors, you know very little about how to use “pure options”, one of the most powerful deal-structuring tools around.

Pure options—the right, but not the obligation, to buy a property at a fixed price, often for many years—let you do deals that your competition doesn’t even know how to THINK about doing, with a lot of safety.

Bill Cook has been using this powerful tool for decades, and he’s going to show you:

  • How options let you make great deals with sellers who don’t even want to sell
  • How to use options to safely cut yourself into deals you’ve put together, but can’t afford to buy, fix, or manage
  • Why options allow you or your IRA to capture ownership benefits (income, appreciation, amortization, even tax incentives) WITHOUT the risks that come with ‘being on title’
Don Costa, Fresno, Ca. New Presenter!

Manage Your Rehabs From a Position of Power

Lots of rehabbers lose money because they lose control of their contractors, timeframe, budget, and financing.

Not Don Costa: after losing everything because, in his words, he “didn’t run his business right”, he buckled down and systematized like we ALL should, coming back with a much bigger, much better, much more profitable business that he runs to this day. He’ll share his hard-earned learnings, like:

  • How to find, hire, and manage the right contractors, and the absolute right way (and time) to pay them
  • How to reduce your borrowing risk—from using private lenders to getting 30 day lines of credit from banks
  • How to control the materials—who buys them, who pays for them, how to handle them
  • How you can stop rolling the dice with every rehab and create standards and practices that let you run your rehabs from a position of power, not weakness.
Mark Dolfini, Lafayette, In. New Topic!

Run Your Rentals Like a Business: The Lease Cycle Systems

Owning rentals isn’t just an investment: it’s a business. The more systems you have, and use, to get the crucial tasks (like turning over units, attracting applicants, screening them well, getting that first check, and dealing with maintenance issues fast) the more money you’ll make and the less stress you’ll experience.

Mark Dolfini is all about the systems, and he’s back this year to share:

  • Why understanding the year-long lease cycle, and what to do at each stage, keeps your rental business from leaking money it will never get back
  • How to implement the “lease cycle system” makes your business run more efficiently and profitably
Mark Farnsworth, Massilion, Oh. New Presenter!

Professional Floorcovering Training

Frank Furman, Atlanta, Ga. New Presenter!

One Property, Twice the Yield: How to Jump on the Co-Living Trend with Padsplits

Want to make money in any business? Find a need, and fill it.

Need: there’s too little quality housing that a person earning less than $20 an hour can afford.

How to make money filling it: follow what savvy investors are doing all over the country—use a shared housing model to turn the right properties into cash cows.

Frank Furman is the co-founder of a platform that helps investors in markets around the U.S. do exactly that, and he’ll share:

  • Why shared housing is a tried-and-true model that’s coming BACK because of macro-economic trends (that aren’t likely to end anytime soon)
  • The step-by-step of implementing shared housing units into your business
  • How you can do well and do good at the same time, by doubling your profits and also increasing housing supply for the workforce that serves your community
  • How PadSplit has already built a sophisticated shared housing platform that makes management easy

After a career that included two tours in Afghanistan, degrees in engineering and physics, and passive investments in other people’s properties, Frank Furman Co-founded PadSplit and now trains investors to provide shared housing.

Larry Goins, Lake Wylie, SC.   New Topic!

Getting Started with Real Estate Day Trading

You know about ‘day trading’, right? Where people invest in stocks and forex and use their knowledge (and often a lot of leverage) to “buy low, sell higher”, often in the same day?

When real estate entrepreneurs do that, we call it wholesaling, and the big difference is that most wholesale deals take a lot longer than a day to sell, and that most wholesalers don’t do it all just sitting at their computers, like the stock folks do.

Except that’s exactly what Larry Goins does, 5-10 times every month. He uses his knowledge, technology, and other people’s efforts to put properties under contract AND sell those contracts from the comfort of his own desk—and we bet you want to know how. He’ll share:

  • The keep it simple, rinse and repeat blueprint for his “day trade” wholesale deals
  • His favorite places to post deals to get them sold at lightning speed
  • How he puts properties under contract at the right price without (him) seeing them
Kevin Jenkins, Grosse Point Park, Mi.

Are You Risking it ALL with the Wrong Insurance?

We all study asset protections strategies like our wealth depended on it (because it does), but the first line of defense against losing it all is having the right insurance. Doesn’t making sure that you understand what the “right” insurance is deserve some of your time?

Kevin Jenkins has been helping real estate investors make sure they’re completely covered at an affordable cost (something a run-of-the-mill agent doesn’t even know HOW to do!) in ALL of the risky aspects of your life and business, as he shares:

  • Why real estate investors, in particular, need good insurance in ALL areas of their lives
  • How your home, auto, and general liability policies tie into, and support, your investment property policies

Kevin Jenkins has been an agent for Noel Selewski insurance, an agency that specializes in investor insurance, since 2006.

Brent Kesler, Port Orange, Fl.

The Money Multiplier

There’s been a lot of excitement among Summit attendees and their families about the “Money Multiplier” concept over the past few years. Lots of folks have told us that it was the “A-ha” moment that completely changed the way they looked at—and used—money and leverage.

So, for the benefit of those who haven’t yet explored this strategy, we’re bringing Brent back to lay out:

  • How it lets you break financial bonds you might not even know you’re shackled with
  • How to use debts and expenses you already have to create wealth, and shed the hassles created by banks
  • How to keep your money, no matter how much or little that might be, in your FAMILY, and leave a legacy for your heirs that you’ll be proud of and they’ll thrive on

Sounds like magic, right? We thought so, too, until we saw Summit attendees put it into action, and change their lives. If you want an inside glimpse into how the rich make money work for them—and a lesson on how you can do the same, even if you DON’T consider yourself rich (yet), be here!

Chris Knoppe, Columbus, Oh. New Presenter!

Huge Tax-Free Returns While Creating Social Good with Opportunity Zone Investing

Learn how to invest in Opportunity Zones, what benefits they offer investors, and how this investment strategy creates positive change in low-income communities.





Scott Krusemark, North Canton, Oh. New Presenter!

How to Evaluate Any Deal For Wholesale, Retail, or Rental

If you can’t evaluate deals right, you can’t make the right offers, and you probably won’t make any money. And what you’d pay for a property might be different, depending on whether your plan was to wholesale it, fix and sell it, or hold it for long-term rental, right?

Scott Krusemark has done all of these strategies (plus lease/options, hard money lending, and seller financing!) and, using the example of a single property will walk you through the process of:

  • Determining after-repaired value, using tech tools to come up with the RIGHT value for any property
  • Estimating the repair costs (they might be a little different if you plan to resell it vs. rent it)
  • Using those numbers (and the potential sales costs, rental income and expenses, and other important data) to come up with the highest offer you can make that still makes you (or your wholesale buyer) money!

Scott Krusemark started his first business at age 12 and has over the years started more than 20 businesses since then.  In addition to being a serial entrepreneur, he’s also a housing provider, mentor, hard money lender, computer consultant, and has created multiple mastermind groups.

Brian Lauchner, Dallas, Tx. New Presenter!

Profitable Note Buying in the “New Normal”

The real estate market isn’t the only market that’s been turned on its head by Covid, and the accompanying hand-outs have also created a potential mortgage meltdown, and that means that note buyers need re-training, too.

Brain Lauchner joins us from NoteSchool to explain:

  • How you can win big by timing this unrecognized mortgage crisis, whether you’re new to notes or a note ninja
  • When to buy notes to hold for actual passive (like no tenants or toilets passive) returns
  • And when to flip them for cash (it’s actually easier than wholesaling houses!)and lots more…

Brian Lauchner did his first deal in 2008, became a successful wholesaler, and then turned his attention to passive income strategies. He’s been teaching and connecting others to these strategies since 2017.

Diya Liu, Austin, Tx. New Presenter!

Travel More, Make More, Work Less
With Short-Term Rentals (Done RIGHT!)

Short-term rentals are still a new-ish industry, and new strategies, technologies, and shortcuts (not to mention evolving legislation and regulations!) are developing fast.

Diya Liu has STR businesses you’d love to own, and a take on them that you’ve probably never heard before. That’s why we’ve invited her to share that business, and:

  • Why turning your existing properties into short-term rentals can automatically 4x your income
  • Why you SHOULDN’T own all of your STRs in the same market—it’s about risk, and it’s about you getting to have more fun
  • How to beat the pants off the competition when you put your STR on the market
  • What to do when “But I don’t have time to manage them!” is stopping you from grabbing this opportunity

Diya Liu is a former patent litigation attorney who left a job at a prestigious law firm to invest in real estate. She is the owner or co-owner of 17 STR units.

Seth Markum, Kansas City, Mo.

Protecting Your Properties with Insurance Designed for Real Estate Investors

If one of your investment properties catches fire today, are you certain it is insured adequately? If your tenant suffers carbon monoxide poisoning from a heating source inside of your rental, would you be covered under your liability policy if you’re sued?
As a real estate investor, you probably already know the importance of insuring your investment
properties. However, would getting just any insurance policy be sufficient to protect your investment?
The short answer is, no. Your insurance coverage should be specific to your business strategy,
geographic location of the properties, and your risk appetite. Ignoring or neglecting any of these
components can have a drastic impact on your bottom line following a loss.

In this presentation, featuring Seth Markum, VP of Business Development at National Real Estate
Insurance Group, the nation’s largest insurance Program for RE investors, we’ll discuss how to insure
your investment properties to minimize your exposure. Seth will teach you about the insurance options
available to you as an investor, so you can be confident you are covered.

Lee Phillips, Esq. Provo Ut. New Topic!

How to Build a Fortress Around Your Assets

Lee Phillips doesn’t claim to be a real estate investing expert—but he’s helped more real estate investors learn how to KEEP their hard-earned money than anyone.

After almost losing everything to a year-long health battle years ago, Lee got laser-focused on learning how to use the legal system to protect your wealth from taxes, lawsuits, and your own unexpected death or disability, and he’s been teaching other people how to do it ever since.

Lee will open your eyes to a whole new world of tax savings and asset protection when he shares:

  • The 9 legal loopholes rich people use to grow wealth fast—and how you can use them, too
  • The best asset protection structure to use to guard against lawsuits, business failure, and accidents
  • Important tax tips that the IRS would just as soon you not know—but which are completely legal and used by “The Millionaire Next Door” all the time
  • How to completely avoid the hidden dangers that can take away your financial security (and your peace of mind)

Lee Phillips is an attorney and educator who’s been teaching other business people to shield their assets from people and legislators who want to take them for over 30 years.

Tiffani Ray, Cincinnati, Oh. New Presenter!

A Banker’s Inside Secrets to Successful Short Sales

Anyone else suspect that, despite all the foreclosure moratoria and temporary forbearance plans, we’re in for a spike in short sale opportunities?

Tiffani Ray does, and she’s more of an expert than most of us: she’s been on both the bank side and the investor side of the defaulted mortgage world for over 3 decades.

She’ll give you a hard-to-find perspective on what’s happening at the bank when you’re trying to negotiate a short sale, and share:

  • Her experienced opinion of what’s coming in short sales and REOs
  • The unseen world of the loss mitigator: how much power they have to approve your short sale, what they go through each day, what it means when they say, “The investor rejected your offer”, and more
  • What to say that will get your short sale request buried at the bottom of the loss mitigator’s pile, never to be seen again—and how to build rapport to keep your file at the TOP, where it will be dealt with fast

Tiffani Ray has over 30 years of management experience in Default Mortgage Servicing with top tier banks and Servicers.  She has negotiated over 600 short sales and sold millions in Bank Owned (REO) assets.

Damon Remy, St. Louis, Mo. New Topic!

3 Steps to Analyze, Structure, and Present Winning Offers that Sellers Can’t Refuse

What if you could close 3X more deals from the seller leads you’re already getting every month? And what if you had a tool that let you do that for every seller, in under 15 minutes?

REIBlackbook founder Damon Remy stumbled across exactly that last year, and it’s had a HUGE effect on the number of deals his clients are getting, without them spending any additional marketing money! He’s here to share both the tool and the underlying strategy, including:

  • WHY so many sellers say “Yes” when you make multiple offers on their property instead of just one
  • The follow up scripts that one investor used to close 37 extra deals in one year AFTER sellers said “No”
  • The technology that lets you do this analysis/structuring/contract fast

Damon Remy founded REIBlackbook, a robust system that tracks leads, creates leads, offers comps, and much more, and is well-known here at the Summit for dreaming it bigger and better year after year.

Jason Roberts and Rachel Schneider, St. Louis Mo.

How to Market Your Way to 400 Deals

Get any 2 real estate investors together these days, and the talk quickly turns to the lack of inventory in the market right now, and how there are no properties to be had.

…Yet, many of our attendees are still closing deals right and left. How?

They’re MARKETING—and probably not in the way you think—to find the deals before they hit the market, and then disappear faster than a drop of water on a hot skillet.

So we decided it was time to bring you some full-on guerilla marketers, who’ve used a combination of techniques to find motivated sellers that other people don’t know about, to share what they did to move from literal bankruptcy to over 400 wholesale and retail deals, all starting in a recession

Jason Roberts and Rachel Schneider know things about finding, making contact with, and closing ‘shadow sellers’ that you just don’t. No matter what your ‘exit strategies’, you’ll learn a lot from the info they’ll share about:

  • WHICH sellers they target (they like 2 types better than all the others)
  • The FOUR ways they reach out to them, to make sure that if a seller is motivated, they know who to call
  • How to get more deals closed in this highly-competitive market, whatever it is you plan to do with them next

Those are some big promises, but these two fulfill them, so make sure you hear what they have to say!

Jason and Rachel are serial entrepreneurs who’ve started multiple business in real estate and outside. Through that process, they’ve become expert marketers who track what does and doesn’t work, and act accordingly!

Adrian Smude, Plant City, Fl. New Presenter!

Wheels of Fortune: Why You Should Be Investing In Mobile Homes

Mobile homes, wobbly boxes, tornado magnets: whatever you call them, they’re the epitome of “affordable housing”—and they can be crazy-profitable when you know how to find them and what to do with them once you do.

Adrian Smude was a “hobby landlord” until he discovered this highly-rewarding niche and developed a passion for it (and the lifestyle it provides him!). At his first-ever Summit appearance, he’ll share:

  • The 3 main strategies for investing in mobile homes—they’re all profitable, but they’re very different
  • The best lead sources right now
  • How mobile homes are valued (it’s not like houses or apartments) and what to look for (and look OUT for) when buying them
  • How to get the money to acquire all you want—banks aren’t even an OPTION for a lot of these

Adrian Smude started investing in real estate in 2002, and after some ‘false starts’ in single family investing fell in love with mobile homes on land.

Jeffrey Taylor, AKA Mr. Landlord, Virginia Beach Va. New Topic!

Take Your Cash Flow & Rental Business to the Next Level

America’s top landlording coach is back… and this time, he’ll share what HE’S done in the past 18 months (you DID notice that things got weird in the last 18 months, right??) to increase his cash flow, screen residents, and fill his vacancies.

If you’re a rental housing provider (or want to be one), and you want to come out the other side of the pandemic craziness in a stronger position than you went into it, you can’t afford to miss this presentation, where Jeffrey will cover things like:

  • How to fill your vacancies with ideal residents by getting pre-qualified applicants —they’re already ready to rent your property when they call you!
  • Which screening criteria are an absolute must in the midst of moratoriums and post-pandemic.
  • Changes he’s made to his policies that will greatly minimize his, and your financial risks.
  • Additions to your lease which will maximize your cash flow year after year.
  • What new strategies you can implement now that will take your rental property business to the next level!

Jeffrey Taylor, better known as “Mr. Landlord”, has owned and managed rentals from single family homes to small apartment communities for nearly 40 years. His newsletter has been the largest circulated and most popular real estate publication in the U.S for small housing providers for over three decades, and he’s an association favorite, too!

Phillip Vincent, St. Louis. Mo.

Ride the Silver Tsunami: How to Get (Almost Competition-Free) Deals from Transitioning Boomers

It’s pretty well-known that the baby boomers hold more of the wealth in housing than any other generation, and that even the youngest of them will reach retirement age in the next decade, and that 70% of those currently over the age of 65 will need to go into long-term care at some point.

There’s an opportunity there, but if you think you’re going to find it with technology or even traditional marketing, you’d better think again.

Phillip Vincent and his partners have created a system for working with extended care facilities to get referrals to families who need to sell real estate to make the transition to (expensive) long-term care, and who need to do it WITHOUT making repairs or even cleaning out the properties. He’ll share the big picture of this system with you, including:

  • What it takes to make the connections you need—it’s not for the impatient, or ‘bad guys’, which is why competition will STAY low
  • Why selling to you at an investor price really is a better choice for these stressed families than getting a house “ready for market”
  • Why these (high equity, highly motivated) leads are worth taking the time to ‘tap’


November 7th:

Sunday Wealth Mastery Sessions

Don’t even THINK about leaving the Summit early; this year, we’re devoting Sunday to topics and experts that will take your ability to build generational wealth at a level you’ve probably never dared to imagine.
Our goal is to make you say, “I’ve never even THOUGHT of that” at least 5 times an hour, and unless you’re already a real estate genius, we think this faculty will deliver:
Pete Fortunato, Madeira Beach, Fl.

How to Win Financial Friends and Influence Allies

Lots of people give lip service to the idea that RELATIONSHIPS are the most important asset in building wealth.

But Pete Fortunato has spent more than 50 years LIVING that concept. That’s why he doesn’t market for deals—they’re brought to him. He doesn’t go to banks to borrow money—people (including former sellers and even his tenants) offer to lend him money. In this half-day seminar, he’s going to show you why and how to do the same thing, including:

  • Why you should ignore the golden rule, and treat people like THEY want to be treated, not like you do
  • Why “caring” is REALLY the most important skill you need to develop—and why “caring” looks a lot like making offers
  • Why the most important part of every deal is the OTHER deals it creates, and how to create deals that lead to more deals

If you know Pete, you know that he’s the consummate creative deal structurer. If you don’t know Pete, you need to.

John Hyre, San Juan, PR

A Brave New (Tax and Privacy) World

It’s pretty clear that unless things change, and fast, we’re all going to be facing an onslaught of new taxes, further invasions of the privacy we’re used to, and erosion of the protections that have been historically provided by entities and contracts.

Attorney John Hyre worries about this, too—but he also spends his days studying new regulations and figuring out how his clients can best protect their assets from the abuses of their elected officials.

He’ll talk about:

  • The latest in new regulations and taxes that affect your business, and what he sees coming in the future
  • The best strategies for using the law to avoid having your current and future wealth gutted
Andy Teasley, Palm Springs, Ca.

How to Be the Best Exchanger In the Room

By Sunday at 1:30, you’ll have heard a LOT about “Exchanging”—trading properties for properties, notes for properties, work for parts of deals, properties for notes, and a zillion other iterations of doing business without using (your own) money.

You’ll probably be both fascinated and confused, and it’s this workshop where you’ll get the training to trade things you don’t value as much for things you like more, so that you can take that new skill home and use it to make millions.

Andy Teasley is a die-hard exchanger with decades of experience, and he’s making it his mission to share:

  • How “Creative Deal Structuring” often means taking OTHER PEOPLE’S deals and putting yourself in the middle of them, making them better not just for you, but for everyone else, too
  • Why you really, really shouldn’t worry about whether what you’re giving up has more “value” than what you’re getting—because in real estate, value REALLY IS subjective
  • The inside secret of being a great dealmaker: how to keep track of all the people you meet, what they have, and what their long-term goals are
  • Why “over-trading” is often your best move, how to sweeten deals to make them irresistible to others, and how he ‘overpays’ for houses all the time (and loves it)

Andy is a self-described serial entrepreneur, seminar junkie, and swapping addict with over 20 years’ experience in the real estate business, and a welcome new addition to the Summit family!