Anthony Chara–







Larry Goins–
Filthy Riches: How to Stop Rehabbing, and Renting, and Make Almost-Embarrassing Returns Creating Homeowners, Instead

            At this moment in history, lots of real estate entrepreneurs are experiencing major stress over 2 issues: the cost and difficulty of finding contractors who can even get to a rehab in less than 6 months, and concerns over whether it’s time to get out of the rental property business altogether.

            So what if there were a way to NOT rehab houses, get rid of the management and maintenance inherent in rentals, make gobs of money, AND do your own part to solve the ‘affordable housing crisis’ in your community?

            There is, and it’s the little-known (but long practiced) strategy of “Work for Equity” deals, where you sell houses you’d normally rent or rehab, to people qualified to rehab them themselves but who could never qualify for a bank loan…and you make double-digit returns on your investment by providing the financing for those buyers (don’t worry, you don’t actually have to have your OWN money to do this…he’ll explain)

            Larry Goins may have done more of these deals than anyone in the U.S., and he’ll be joining us to explain:

  • Which properties, in which neighborhoods, work best for this strategy, and how he finds them

  • How to structure these deals so they’re win-win-win (for you, your buyers, and the community)

  • The math of why it’s common to get 20%+ returns on your investment—it’s not because you’re charging 20% interest!

  • What can go wrong, and what to do about it, and why it’s not that big a deal when it does

Kathy Kennebrook–
How to Blow Up Your Pipeline with Seller Leads and Automate Your Marketing

            For now, the market remains super-tight, and 99% of the great deals out there are off-market. So what’s an investor to do?

            Get serious about your seller marketing, that’s what!

And no one’s more experienced in turning marketing into leads, into deals, than Kathy Kennebrook, who’s used her more-or-less hands-off system to generate 7 figures a year in cash from flips, equity and cash flow from rentals, cash buyers, and more.

She’ll share:

  • The 12 types of motivated sellers you should DEFINITELY be marketing to

  • How to reach out to them, and what to say, to get your phone ringing off the hook

  • A funny little trick that gets sellers to pre-screen THEMSELVES for motivation

  • How to automate your marketing system (because, c’mon, if you don’t, you’re not going to stick with it—and consistency is key!

Shaun McCloskey–
The 4 Steps to Building an Insanely Profitable Real Estate Business (that You’ll Also Fall in Love With) 

So much of what we learn about real estate is strategic: HOW do I [find deals, get money, manage tenants, do renovations].  

And that’s all important, but if you want to build a profitable, sustainable, and FUN real estate career, it’s JUST as important to step back and ask bigger questions, like: 

  • “Am I sure that I’m focusing my time and efforts on the right things?”   

  • “Is the strategy I’m pursuing the right fit for me, in the long run?”

  • “Am I building a business that supports my bigger vision for my life, or one that’s going to consume all of my time and energy?”

  • “Am I loving what I’m doing, or do I do it for the money?”

Here’s a big secret that goes against the grain of what you may believe about real estate success: it’s not about who you are, or where you came from, or how hard you hustle. It’s about doing what most people don’t: thoughtfully, intentionally designing a business that fits your vision, your lifestyle, your passions, and your personality.  

Shaun McCloskey has been helping some of the highest-level real estate investors and gurus in the country do exactly that for over a decade, and now he’s making a very rare association appearance to help US have a more prosperous, AND joyful, 2020. You’ll leave this meeting knowing: 

  • Why goal setting alone doesn’t work. Not for ANYONE.

  • Why making business plans based on financial considerations alone is the certain death of your business

  • Why working more hours in your business probably makes you LESS productive

  • How to create a strategic game plan for your business that will ACTUALLY get you from where you are now, to where you want to be, in just 6-12 months—not years or decades, like it takes most people

Make the next few years the best of your life WHATEVER is happening ‘out there’, with the tools you need to envision and build not just the business, but the LIFE that creates the meaning, impact, fulfillment, and prosperity you’ve always dreamed of. 

Lee Phillips, Esq.–
How to Use the Law to Make More Money—And Protect What You Have

We all know that wealthy people work hard to legally reduce their taxes and protect their assets…and that’s a big part of how they GET and STAY wealthy.

You probably ought to be doing the same thing.

Attorney Lee Phillips learned this the hard way, when a severe illness sidelined him for 3 years he nearly lost everything he had; that’s when he dedicated himself to learning everything he could about how to use the legal and tax system to keep his clients from experiencing the same thing.

No matter how much you THINK you know about ‘business structures,’ Lee’s 40 years of research and experience is going to stun you—and maybe your attorney or CPA, too.

He’ll share:

  • How to set up your business to add 15% more profit to your take-home pay

  • How to protect your properties and the equity you’re building in them from an economic or social meltdown

  • Why you need to spend some time and effort PROTECTING what you’re building, before someone, or some circumstance, threatens to take it all away from you.

Dwan Bent-Twyford–
How to Help Homeowners in the Coming Foreclosure Crisis (and Make Money Doing It) with Short Sales

   With nearly 7% of American homeowners and housing providers now delinquent on their mortgage notes, it’s fair to say that we’ll probably see a surge in foreclosures in 2021.

    Foreclosures are tough on families, banks, communities, and the economy, and what YOU can do to prevent them is buy those houses before they actually hit the auction block, directly from the owners, giving them the opportunity to save their dignity and get some control of their unfortunate situation.

    The challenge, of course, is that most pre-foreclosure sellers are underwater—they owe the bank more than the property is worth—which means you’d better get good at navigating the short sale process FAST.

    To help you start that process, we’re bringing you Dwan Bent-Twyford, who’s been making money buying short sales properties for over 2 decades. She’ll kick off your journey by sharing important, experienced-based tips like:

  • How to find prospects in pre-foreclosure BEFORE anyone else does

  • How to get to the right person at the bank, so you can get a “Yes” faster

  • 5 from-the-trenches tips for dealing with difficult banks

Pete Youngs–
The S.W.A.T. (Secret Ways and Techniques) Method of Saving 25%-50% on Rehabs

Ever wonder whether there’s a way to complete rehabs and turnovers for less money?

If anyone would know, it’d probably be someone who’s been on both the contractor side and the investor side of the fence for over 3 decades, right?

That’s Pete Youngs. As a professional contractor, his company was so competitive that it landed the job of renovating the living quarters for the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta, and who as a real estate investor has used his ‘inside knowledge’ to pay a fraction of what a lot of us do to fix up properties.

He’ll share:

  • Cheap ways to get good results that your contractors already know, but you probably don’t

  • How to make sure you’re getting the best bids from your contractors

  • How to make thousands more from every rehab and turnover you do