The Ultimate Creative Deal Structuring Workshop

With Bill Cook and Vena Jones-Cox

February 4th – 6th, 2022–Marriott Tampa Westshore, Tampa Fl.

2022 will be filled with challenging situations, and your skills in structuring creative deals is key both to your ability to buy properties that give you long term wealth and income, AND to helping desperate sellers who NEED to get rid of a property but can’t sell it conventionally. The more you know about the strategies for buying properties without banks, and about how to figure out which one is best for a given seller and situation, and about how to talk to sellers about these offers, the more deals you’ll do and the more money you’ll make.

So, over the course of 3 days, we’re presenting the ultimate workshop on how to put together deals that make you lots of money and also solve sellers’ problems, with 2 of the most experienced creative finance practitioners in the country.


  • Learn the basics of the key ‘creative finance’ strategies: subject to, lease/options, options, and seller-carryback mortgages
  • Find out how to keep the deals you make for long-term benefits, or ethically ‘flip’ them for quick cash
  • Walk through the logic of the structures of real deals
  • Get all the forms and contracts FROM those deal (worth 10x the cost of the workshop all by themselves…)
  • Work in small (online) groups with other attendees to come up with creative structures for sample deals
  • See how you can use other people’s money and knowledge to complete deals that seem impossible
  • Discover how you can own more investment properties than you ever thought possible, even if you have ZERO money or credit
  • Learn to think through the ‘gotchas’ and curveballs and put together deals that 99% of your competitors can’t!

This workshop is unlike anything you’ve done before—it’s not some dry, boring recitation of basics. It’s a hands-on, learn-by-example, get-your-gears-going, life-changing experience!

When you’re done, you’ll understand why and how to put together more creative deals than you do right now, or your money back!