Youth Entrepreneurial Academy

Saturday and Sunday:

Youth Entrepreneurial Academy” (Ages 15-22) with Lila, Ethan, & Deven Wohlwend, Canton, OH

How many times have you complained that schools don’t teach young people about capitalism, business, or even how to balance a checkbook?

We’re doing something about it, with this training for 15 to 22 year-olds about the keys to understanding entrepreneurialism, and wealth, and starting their own business.

This year’s instructor is Lila Wohlwend, real estate investor, business owner, and mom to her co-hosts Deven and Ethan (who by the way might own more real estate than you do).  Deven has written two books and spoken on stage with people like Robert Kiyosaki, Mark Victor Hansen, and George Gammon.  Ethan is also publishing a book and has been interviewed by Rich Dad for Latin America.  They bring their knowledge, experience, and desire to help other young entrepreneurs get started!

Together, they’ll share:

  • How to become financial independent, even if you’re not old enough to drive, and even if you’re starting with nothing
  • The crucial differences between money and currency; assets and liabilities; cash flow and capital gains, and why they ALL have a place in your wealth plan
  • How to get started as an investor, or start your own business
  • The formula for wealth—and, more importantly, freedom!
  • Our celebrated youth academy has dozens of young success stories; get your child a 20-year head start over what YOU had by sending them to this just-for-them class.

Bring your youngsters to enjoy the waterpark on Thursday and Friday, and to learn how to be good capitalists on Saturday and Sunday!

$27.00 per pre-registered youth